Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year


I got to thinking about New Years gone past and I remember an old tradition that seems to have died here in the UK. As a little girl I can remember my dear Dad stumbling out the back door in the dark and them coming through the front door clutching a piece of coal in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other.It was to symbolise the passing of the old year and the start of the new one being ushered in. The coal was so that we would never be cold and the bread so that we would never be hungry in the coming year.

Anyway, that got me to thinking that it would be nice to uphold these traditions and then I got thinking about the modern day equivalents that could be bought in with the new year to symbolise things we shouldn't be without. Perhaps a bank note so that you would never be poor? I figured that this would be better than a credit card as that could be mistaken as symolising debt and that is something we could all do without! I want mine ushered through the back door! An MP3 player or CD so that you would never be without music? How about chocolate so that you would never be without er, chocolate? What would you bring?

Anyway, having seen the new year in I hope that 2007 brings you health, wealth and happiness in whatever form you find it.


craziequeen said...

Happy New Year, hon!

And 'first footing' is still practised in some parts :-)


Viamarie said...

Happy New Year!!! Hope 2007 is
the happy beginning of your most
wonderful year yet!

Cheers to the year that passed and to 2007!

kenju said...

Happy New Year, Bob-Kat!!

Dachsies Rule said...

Shelter (warmth) and food are still the necessary things in life ... after my doggies. I guess I need a bag of dog food and their blankets. They are less concerned about my well-being.

The human mom of Roxie, Sammy & Andy

utenzi said...

The chocolate idea sounds good to me, BK. I'd hate to be without chocolate for a year. And my digital camera! As you know, having a new dSLR, it's very difficult to go more than a few days without playing with a camera.

Happy New Year!

Claire said...

My Nan had similar views when I spoke with her yesterday, her disappointment was that nobody sings Auld Lang Syne anymore that it's all fireworks and shouting! It cheered her up no end when I told her that we sang Auld Lang Syne in the pub at midnight!

I hope your 2007 is wonderful and full of joy!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love that tradition! And your ideas to update it, too...Chocolate...YES! I think the bank note is a perfect idea, too!
Possibly a bottle of asperin?? Or maybe a grapefruit or two...(Vitimin C, you know...for health...)

Love that picture of the champagne popping!!!
HAPPY 2007 Bob-Kat, and give that darling cat Bob, a hug from Sweetie and Me.

mar said...

Happy New Year!!
after being "disconnected" from blogland for two weeks I'd like permanent internet connection...for free! :)