Saturday, January 06, 2007

The meme 4 me

I am currently up to my ears in work and study for my MBA (who's bright idea was it that I do a part-time course on top of working full time. Oh, that'll be mine then!), so thought I'd do a quick meme for you instead. Anyway, it's a kind of nice one and lets me share some things about myself myself with you in a fun way so here goes:

4 jobs I have had

There are a few but among them are:
Bar maid
Stage manager
Stage lighting technician
Project Manager

4 movies I could watch over and over

This is tough as there are so many I can watch over and over depending on the mood I am in at the time. i suppose the first four that come to mind at the moment are:
Grosse Point Blank
Lord of the Rings (all 3)
The Shawshank Redemption

4 CD's I never tire of

Again there are so very many (I have a huge music collection) so this is tricky but they include:
Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks
Foo Fighters - One By One
Green Day - American Idiot
Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow

4 TV shows that I watch

I've kept these answers to current(ish) shows:
Arrested Development
My Name is Earl

4 things you like to do

Taking photos
Watching a good film
Walking barefoot on grass or the beach

4 places I have been on holiday

The last 4 places I visited are:
Calpe in (Spain)
New York
Rio de Janeiro

4 favourite foods

Chocolate (of course)

4 places I would rather be right now

Walking on a sunny beach
On top of the world
In a great restaurant
Travelling - somewhere exotic

4 things people might not know about you

I once stepped on the fingers of the Phantom of the Opera
My biggest disappointment in life as a child was learning that dragons never existed
I hate apricots
I used to play chess for my school

4 people you are going to tag

I'm not going to tag anyone but If you would like to do this then let me know and I will come and take a look.


kenju said...

I don't want to do the meme, but I will say that we have the same ideas on where we'd like to be right now! Of your favorite holiday places, I've only been to NYC, but I sure would like to see your other three as well!

Melody said...

Great meme. Great answers too!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is a fun one, Bob-Kat...And I did learn things about you I didn't know....So, did you Stage Manage "Phantom"?
Love that you have been to such interesting places..Rio and Prague as well as NYC and Spain...WONDERFUL, my dear....

Archangel said...

Not to be a party pooper but do be careful. Memes are a problem when it comes to data mining. You are creating a very detailed and public personal profile of yourself.

Just be careful out there!

Niall Young said...

Very interesting read!'re actually only the second person's Blog I read in U.K! wife works as an actress and has done stage management and lighting during her time.where did you do yours?

Katherine said...

I rarely watch movies a second time but Grosse Pointe Blank is one I've seen several times, too! Just love the quirky, black humor. And when John Cusack beans Dan Akkroyd with a TV.

mar said...

You are a real gourmet person, love your favorite foods!!
(good luck on your studies!)

Nikki-ann said...

I haven't lived in 4 different houses, let alone 4 different places! Hehe.

utenzi said...

I did that MBA thing while working also, B-K. I finished the degree 8 years ago. It was always weird when a semester was finished and suddenly I had lots of free time at night and weekends--it was like I didn't know what to do with the extra time. LOL

Ps said...

I too LOVE shawshank redemption.Didn't know memes could be used for data mining.

Janet said...

Finally, all the hard work paid off and I'm able to comment ;-)

I did a version of this meme awhile back (; the LOTR trilogy was just so amazing!

My Name is Earl consistently cracks me up...reminds me of folks I used to know when I was in high school.

Hi, Michele sent me!

Carmi said...

Hey, dragons DO exist, though they look somewhat different than they do in mythology. Komodo dragons are quite real, if memory serves.

Bob-kat said...

Yeah - but they don't breath fire and fly though! :-)