Friday, March 12, 2010

Bad Bobkat!

The title refers to me of course but has a dual meaning. I have, of course been quite remiss lately. I haven't been blogging much and have failed to visit my lovely blog friends. It goes without saying that it is my loss. I am often in awe at the way someones blog can make me smile on a bad day or inspire me or just make me think. I miss these connections and yet there is always something demanding my time at the moment.

I have also been ill for a while. Anyone that knows me on Facebook will have seen some status updates hinting at various ailments but the truth is that I am run down. My immune system just seems to have lost the will to fight and lets every horrid little bug doing the rounds set up home. I am currently suffering from another chest infection, I have also had a cold that lasted and lasted and been generally run down which prompted blood tests. If this wasn't fun enough, had a migraine that lasted a whole week. That was not fun. I have also been pulling long days at the office which haven't helped but that work ain't gonna do it itself!

So, I am bad. Remiss for neglecting my blog friends, who despite evidence to the contrary, I value greatly and poorly sick bad. It's getting me down.

On a more positive note I am working (when I can summon the energy and the time) on a personal photographic project which I hope to share here soon(ish) and I have also been asked to photograph a wedding and do a dog portrait. Nothing is ever all bad eh? : )