Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Random Stuff

Misti visited me to wish me belated birthday greeting and left me with a tag to list 8 random things about myself. Sounds easy right? But it is actually quite hard as I am trying to think of things I might not have shared before, I'm definitely not listing some things (too personal for public consumption or too embarrassing) and I also want them to be interesting enough that you don't nod off before you get halfway through. A tall order as am not sure what on earth you would want to know if indeed you are at all interested! Anyway here goes...

1. I have
never been on a roller coaster. Come to think of it I have never been down a water slide or tube or been on a bouncy castle or in one of those pits full of the coloured balls. I have been deprived! Out of all of these I would really like to go on a bouncy castle the most. They look like loads of fun!

2. When I worked in theatre I did not like working on the pantomimes. At first they were fun, but when I worked as a technician I would have to work 2 shows a day for 6 days a week for 9 weeks and I had to watch every single show as I would either be on the lighting desk or the follow-spot. You do the maths! If you don't know what a panto is them you can find out here. Trust me, before the run was half way through I was bored to tears having heard all the gags before. I knew all the lines and missed out on the fun back stage. Funnily enough I never got bored working on musicals though.

3. I love candle light. Something about the soft glow is very relaxing.

4. You already know my favourite alcoholic tipple is Champagne (or any good sparkling wine) but my favourite spirit is vodka.

5. I do boxing training every week, not as a competitive sport but more as a form of fitness training and as a combat sport. It is a great cardio work out, wonderful for stress (hitting something after a bad day is great as a stress reliever) and learning the techniques is great for confidence.

6. I am great at growing things. Always have been. My houseplants seem to thrive and yet I don't do anything special. Guess I just have green fingers. I had a little piece of garden as a child and I grew salad vegetables and flowers. I didn't realise it at the time but I practised organic growing techniques as the onions I grew kept some of the pests at bay. I used to love pulling carrots straight from the ground and eating them. They tasted so good, not like the ones you get in the supermarket at all.

7. I have a Galileo thermometre in my lounge which was given to me as a christmas present and I love it. It is surprisingly accurate and looks great too.

8. I am going away for the weekend to a Western Martial Arts Training camp. There will be many people there from clubs all over the UK and Europe and it's a great opportunity to pick up techniques from others and train with them. It is open to the public as spectators and there will be classes for those of us who are club members. It's a camping weekend so figers crossed that this very wet weather we have been having will clear for a couple of days or else I am going to be a very soggy and boggy Bob-kat. This also means I won't be around for 4 days so won't be visiting but I'll catch up with you all on my return.

Now the rules of this game of tag are:

Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I don't do tags but if Beckie, Little Miss Muffet, Moogie, Katherine, Diyadear, Ramona, Melody and Nikki-Ann would like to participate then I would love to read their lists. This doesn't mean I wouldn't like to read yours as well if you're reading this and haven't been named; so if you would like to do it come and tell me and I will pop over :0)


kenju said...

I enjoyed reading your list, Bob-kat. I love candlelight and good champagne, all types of theater and I've always wanted a thermometer like that! Have a good time this weekend, and I hope to don't get rained on!

Melody said...

Enjoy your weekend. Yep - I'll try and get around to the 8 random things by weeks end.

Beckie said...

Oh, I hope you have a good time on your long weekend.

I will get to the 8 random things next week - we are out of here for a long weekend of camping starting tomorrow.


misti said...

Wow, really nice. Enjoy your weekend :)

Ps said...

I just did this tag and I had tagged misti.
Interesting to know about your enthusiasm for martial arts.Equally intresting to know You havent been on water slide.Its great fun--let me assure you!

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over, B-K.

I share your love of candles and I certainly like sparkling wines too. Vodka is okay as a mixer but I doubt I'd ever drink it straight. I don't like the feel of strong spirits burning my tender little throat.

Little Miss Muffet said...

your tag sounds like fun and i would love to take it up :) and i hope u had a great bday..sorry i wasn't around to wish u, but i hope belated wishes aren't too bad..

diyadear said...

hey nice post.
but boxing, martial arts.. whooo i beter stay friends with u always hee hee ;)

JAM said...

Enjoy your weekend.

I always like roller coasters, it's the rides that spin that get to me and make my stomach turn.

Don't bother with the jumping castle, find yourself a trampoline!

mar said...

I used to love rollercoasters and then I got old, lol. You show your good taste with champagne/sparkling wine and candles! (I am the same way!) But I need help with plants so I tend to get robust ones, those nearly impossible to kill!
Enjoy your weekend at that training camp.

srp said...

I loved your list... I think a thermometer like that would be great... oh, yes... the cats would love it too!

I was reading about your birthday presents... I could give you my brother's web site as a bit of a musical present. He has snips of his operas there and has both an English and German version...

Have a great trip!

R. Sherman said...

Martial Arts?

Now I've got an image of you in pajamas jumping around throwing pointy stars at people.

Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

BK I had no idea about the boxing / martial arts excercise routine! Who woulda thunk it?

This was a very interesting post. You keep surprising me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope you are having a GREAT Time...or have had a great time, dear B-K....You are missed, that is for sure!

David said...

candles light is one of the reasons I enjoy our power outages ( in winter mostly) its a powerful glow, for little dough.

Mr. Althouse said...

I can't believe that you've never been in a bounce-house. You poor dear, you have been deprived. How about a motorcycle? Ever ride one?