Friday, July 20, 2007


(Photo not mine)

The weather here in the UK has been very wet for weeks now. So wet, in fact that I feel like I should find a hammer and some nails, build an ark and start rounding up random animals.

Looking out of the window, it reminds me of that old adage: 'It never rains but it pours'. I am swamped at work. Things are uber busy with preparing for a big meeting on top of normal work and also being involved in a change management programme. My boss has been on holiday all week and so I have been fielding all sorts of things. My days have been looooooong!

I also have an assignment to write for my masters degree. I only have a few days to get it done.

My divorce papers came yesterday. They make me sad. When I got married I never thought it would come to this. On the plus side getting them signed and receiving the decree nici and then absolute will mean that the process of getting divorced is over and I can shut the book on that chapter of my life.

My mother was re-admitted to hospital again today. I am currently waiting to hear what is going on. It is the cellulitis infection again. It has worsened to the extent that her legs are covered from the feet to the knees. It isn't life threatening in itself but it is a worry, considering her kidneys are not strong and she will need anti-biotics. My dad is very worried and I can't help but feel we have been here before. Fingers crossed that this time they cure it. My mother is very down at the moment.

Can we have some sunshine please?


Mr. Althouse said...

What's that old saying? "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it."

I'm so sorry to hear about you mom, I hope all works out and she can return home soon. As for the divorce, I've been down that road too and I never want to experience it again. Perhaps that's why I have remained unmarried all these years OR why I can't think of a good reason to get married again. Time heals, of this I am sure.

Not from Michele this time, but I'm sure she would have sent me eventually.


BreadBox said...

The weather looks terrible, but the photograph is stunningly beautiful!

Good luck with your mother, and in dealing with the transition in your life. Sometimes it is helpful, I find, to have definition to the change, to have a door which clicks shut on the past, to remind me that it really and truly is done. I do hope that it is for the best for you (and for your ex too!)

Michele directed me to give you some of our sunshine: can you take some of our heat and humidity too please?


Beckie said...

The photo is incredible!

I am sorry to hear things have turned for the worse for you Mom. I am sending positive thoughts your way.

Mr. Althouse said...

Back again, this time Michele did send me!

I like the shot of the rain clouds. I like the rain too, but not day after day after day. Repetition of any kind of weather just gets old, although it might take a little longer to get tired of weather in the mid 80s to mid 90s like we're having now!


kenju said...

Bob-kat I know that the rain and the fact of your mom's illness and how busy you are are all contributing to the way you feel. I hope your mom responds to the medications soon and the sun comes out and stays there!!

Little Miss Muffet said...

there's always a rainbow when the rain stops and the sun comes out...sorry to know that things have been a little low for you...but i'm sure you'll bounce back :)

craziequeen said...

Hey honey - Michele sent me to say a Blog Hi!!

As your H&S officer, I am concerned you are working too hard. I order you to take some time off....maybe go to see a fun film with a close girlfriend......perhaps with a nice meal thrown in....

Isn't the weather atrocious? Berkeley Castle was under 3" of water today, so my weekend is officially cancelled.....


barbie2be said...

hang in there bob-kat. divorce can be painful but most times it's not as bad as staying married would have been. i hope your mom is better soon!

michele sent me over today.

Tiffany said...

Rain, Rain go away! Come again another day. Bobkats wants to sing and play. Rain Rain go away!
Sorry to hear about your mother and the divorce. Here via Michele today :)

R. Sherman said...

Continued prayers and thoughts.

As for the sun, the best I can tell you is its shining directly into my family room at the moment to the point where I'm wearing sunglasses.

Good luck with the work. I know the feeling.


gautami tripathy said...

Too bad about your mom. Don't worry she is gonna be ok.

Just move on and don't think much about the divorce.

Michele sent me tell you that you can take all the sunshine you wish for from Delhi. We need rains.

Nikki-ann said...

How long will it take you to build that ark? I could do with being in Cardiff by 7pm... No chance! *Sigh*.

I hope your Mum gets better soon. Take care.

Ps said...

Just watched the movie "Little Miss sunshine"
The message it conveys I loved.Then I read this post--and cannot help thinking,"yes, it seems to be tough going Bob-kat--but just hang in there--and things will be better soon."
hope ur mom recovers soon.
Hugs bob-kat--When God closes one door, he always opens another.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh my ddar...I was just thinking abouit your Mom, and realized I have not asked about her in a while....I PRAY that they can fix this---this time around, too..I really feel for her and for you and your Dad...

I wish I could send you some Sunshine and you could send us some Rain....It is strange, isn't it, how the weather is all peculiar all ove the world. It must be beautiful and green, green, green, there...if you evre get a bit of sun to enjoy that...(lol)

I so agree with you about Morris B. He absolutely paints from an emotional place...All the subjects mean something to him, personally and in a deep emotional way...HE is connected to them, wether it is Anne Frank, or Lizzie Borden, or Christ, or Lorca, etc...I find his work deeply moving...!

BTW: Great shot of the rain and clouds...Looks very forboding, doesn't it?

Ramona said...

Tell you what? You send some rain, I'll send you sunshine! The ground is dry as a bone here.
I'm terribly sorry to hear that your mom is back in the hospital again, cellulitis is very hard to heal mainly because it often happens when a person has poor circulation.
Here's hoping that this time the meds will clear it all up once and for all.

Sarch said...

Bobkat what a wonderful, dramatic, powerful picture!

I am truly sorry to hear about your mothers health troubles returning. I'll be praying for her and your dad.

Now that you're on the other side of your divorce you can focus on the next thing. It should get easier as time goes by.

I posted a blog especially for you today. Hope it makes you smile.

Carmi said...

Sending you some transatlantic sunshine, and hoping that the clouds part so that the light can shine on your mom and make her better in short order. As my wife's just back from an ordeal with her mom, I sadly relate to what you're going through. I continue to pray for you all.

I've never been divorced, but I've seen enough of it in my immediate and extended family that I appreciate how devastating it can be. Loss is loss, and sometimes it's good to know that your friends are there to quietly support you in any way you need. Please know that your blog-friends are there as well.

kimbofo said...

Oh I am so with you on the endless rain. I am so sick of it! Are we ever going to get a summer this year?

And I know what you mean by busy! My working life has been frenetic since May!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you mum.

Here via Michele.

gautami tripathy said...

Michele sent me here again to duly admire the photo and wish your mo a speedy recovery!

David said...

wow, you do have a lot of emotional stuff going on.
I still recall how it felt to divorce, and to be responsible for the kids, and to try to sort out a life after marriage. Ten years, I am almost better. Happier, more alive, but still have hurts.

diyadear said...

hey so ur all single again..enjoy the independence dear.. n dont worry. will pray for ur mom..

lv2scpbk said...

Looks like a storm but it's a beautiful photo.