Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wot no adventure?

Is it just me or are the films being released this year a bit on the boring side for the most part? Being interested in film I have just been on the web site of my local cinema and as usual I am unexcited about what passes as a "choice" of films to see. For the large part I am unimpressed to say the least! Where has all the adventure gone? Where are the big characters doing exciting things? Bring back Indiana Jones, bring back Star Wars (Episodes 4-6 at any rate, Jar Jar Binks sucked big time!). Where is Arnie in our hour of need?

All I can see are so called 'chick flicks' (a phrase I positively loathe so don't even get me started on that!), socio-realist dramas, horror movies designed to top trump each other on how shocking they can be (such as Hostel - a film I will not be going anwhere near), kids films (about the best of a bad bunch - witness the fab Narnia, though don't mention Harry Potter), and the resurgence of films starring blimmin' animals!! Now, don't get me wrong I like penguins and I quite like huskies but I do not want to watch a film starring them. That would have to be one heck of an entertaining penguin / husky! I got a bit excited recently when I saw the trailer for Tristan and Isolde (also an excellent opera by Wagner) but it turns out that the leads are a bit wet (according to CQ) although the fab Rufus Sewell is apparently excellent in it. I was hoping for more action. Looks like Pirates of the Carribean 2 will be the most adventure we are liable to get this year. Ho hum.


Barbara said...

I don't go to the movies very often, maybe once or twice a year.

Thanks for playing in the Blog Olympics Training Camp and congratulations on your bronze medal. I've posted the overall standings.

craziequeen said...

One word.......




Bob-kat said...

More like two words knowing you CQ....Johnny Depp!! :-)

Archangel said...

If Arnie loses his re-election campaign it has been announced he is wanted for the new Conan film, due for shooting early next year (2007). Fingers crossed, we need Arnie back!