Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Something in the woods...

So...what did you do this weekend? I found myself running around a wooded area south of Salisbury dressed in camouflage and armed with a nice big automatic G36 BB gun. Yep, this was my first airsoft experience and I had fun. Lots. Well, most of the time I did anyway. I did get bored a bit whilst sitting in the middle of a bush waiting for the enemy to strike and then they didn't get as far as me. I did have a moment of madness however, when I agreed to rush a village hut complex with M. Others agreed to follow us but what we thought would be a sizeable ambush turned out to be a two person Kamikazi mission... except not one BB hit me. It was like that scene out of Pulp Fiction where the bullets miss John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson. To be fair I think M took most of the fire but I know one or two whistled by very close indeed. M was covered in little red marks and surprised me on the way home by emptying a BB from his ear.

The airsoft site was run by Ground Zero and was pretty huge with about 250 of us there. The place looked like a boot camp and just needed some cool sixties music to make the scene complete, though South England could not be mistaken for the jungle of Vietnam. I felt like a bit of a novice as I only had one gun and a DPM shirt and helmet while some folk were completely kitted out and looked like walking armouries. I was glad to however, to see some people in jeans and trainers so I didn't look totally green (apart from the DPM!). Now all I have to do is get some decent kit and go again. Anyone know where you can get decent DPM to fit women? :-)


craziequeen said...

I would have paid SERIOUS money to see you doing that! :-)

Home for a quick respite and LOTS of homework before heading back to Birmingham tomorrow night :-((


Bob-kat said...

Watch this space and there may be photographic evidence as I am going to go again!

Take care in Brum!