Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where is Film???

So... the observant among you will have noticed the little link on the right to Spearhead Films. This is a small independent film company based in South Wales, UK whom I have recently started to work with. My first role with them was obviously some sort of endurance based initiation test to test my mettle.

Their first film, "War Crimes" is being distributed through ITN in the US. My role was to watch the film and check that the dialogue matched the script and update it accordingly. Simple right? Wrong! I spent two days in the edit suite watching the film piece by piece, over and over again. This is not easy when half the script is in Serbo-Croat and the other half is in a Welsh accent. I tell you, there are whole swathes of the script that I can now quote verbatum including the infamous line "Where is Film?" which is repeated no less than eleven times in one scene. I know, because I counted them! By the time I finished I really thought that the edit suite would be far more comfortable with nice soft padded walls.... Still I passed whatever initiation test this was as now I am heavily involved in promoting their second feature film, "Pax Imperium" and helping to produce their next big project which is a medieval tale of revenge to be shot over the next 18 months and provisionally titled "Retribution". Visit their website if you want to learn more!

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Carmi said...

The life of the editor...a fascinating one indeed. I edited radio for more years than I care to remember. Those padded walls eventually became my friends!