Friday, May 05, 2006

The Highway Cod

OK, is it me or has the standard of driving in the UK dropped dramatically in the last few years? Driving around the city where I live I often see:
No indication - what are those pretty lights at the corner of the car for anyway??
Parking that makes the car look like it's abandoned or has been left at the side of the road by a "hard hitting" cop in the line of duty in a hollywood movie
Running red lights!! - what are those pretty lights on sticks for anyway??
Sporadic lane changing on roundabouts. I'm sorry folks but you never move into the center of a roundabout once you have joined it and you don't whizz around on the outside either hoping that centrifugal force will spin you off in the right direction.
Cars being cut up all the time
Middle lane hogs on the motorway
Aggressive driving
Cars being driven at a 'safe' 40 mph no matter what the speed limit, be it 60mph or 30mph...
...the list is endless. The thing that gets me, is that if someone cuts you up or tries to inhabit the same physical space that you are already thoughtlessly inhabiting then you end up with a truck load of abuse hurled at you. Just this morning I had someone nearly pull into me out of a junction because they weren't looking and apparently I am a "stupid f*****g bitch" (accompanied by some very imaginitive hand gestures) for daring to be there. Someone needs a copy of the highway code as their driving skills and social behaviour seem a bit fishy to me....

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