Friday, May 19, 2006

Definition of fun

I don't enjoy shopping. Dodging random shoping trolleys, trying to ignore screaming children running around, trying not to make eye contact with the mad old lady in the pet food aisle, the surly staff who communicate in grunts or worse still the chatty check-out operator who talks to you about Eastenders even though you have clearly indicated that you would rather chew off your right foot than watch it! I usually try the 'Viking Raid' approach: Go in, grab what I want and leave as quickly as possible, though I must say that I don't usually kill anyone or burn the supermarket afterwards no matter how tempting.... I have tried going out of hours but invariable you can't get down most of the aisles because of shelf stacking and the fresh produce left on the shelf looks like it is long past time for it to be laid to rest in the fruit graveyard. I have also tried having my groceries delivered which is OK for produce but not great for fresh stuff. So, every week I find myself in one of these hell holes letting my mind wander, as it doesn't want to be there even if my body has to be. On one such occassion it occurred to me that 'Fun Size' items are often smaller and more expensive. Now, I ask you, where is the fun in that??? Also, how are bananas, oranges, apples etc. fun anyway? I suppose it's what you do with them? Quite frankly I think chocolate, cheesecake, syrup pudding and anything else "bad for you" is far more fun but there's no accounting for some folk. Some people actually enjoy shopping!


craziequeen said...

OH, I hate shopping.....

And I think old people should not be allowed to shop at the weekends....I mean, they have all week to shop while we are slogging away at work - why do they have to shop on the weekend!?!



Blog-o-licious said...

I HATE to shop...and I have worked in the grocery industry for 17 years. It doesn't get any better with age or location. It is a slightly different view when I'm on the inside looking out at the busy little self important shoppers, but the answer is still. ick!