Monday, March 05, 2007

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the lovely people who left supportive and kind comments for me in the last couple of days. I cannot tell you how much they were appreciated. I have been feeling pretty awful this last couple of days - I even turned down chocolate at one point - but your messages of support helped.

Soooo... since yesterday I have been doing battle with insurance companies. It's a long tale but the upshot is many long phone calls and many awful questions (making me feel like the criminal!) and they still feel the need to call back tomorrow to go through the details again so that they can consider my claim. So nothing certain on this front yet.

Anyhoo... they also said that someone would call me about my car locks (seeing as stinking thieves have my keys). This was approximately 10am. By 4.30pm I had heard nothing so I rang them back. Apparently they hadn't even processed my paperwork but they would prioritise it and get someone to call. Do these people actually understand the severity of this situation and the impact it has? Yeah, I know they aren't paid to care...but still... Twenty minutes later I had a confused chap on the phone talking to me about house locks. " But they are being taken care of" I explained, " But the insurance company just told me to ring you" he countered. Huge sigh, it appears that the vacant girl on the phone had mistaken "car" for "house"! Of course the phone lines were closed again when I tried to ring back which is totally in line with their policy of only having a crisis during normal working hours. Sheesh...

I did get more help from the Open University though. I should have more books by the end of the week to replace the ones stolen and they have extended my deadline, thank goodness. I still had many phone calls to make today about my drivers licence, various membership cards and my roadside assistance membership but that is all done now. So just the insurance, my house and car locks to sort out. Then I can start to replace the things stolen and get a new alarm fited to my car (which I will have to foot the bill for unfortunately).

By the doesn't look like I will get anything back :-( and there is going to be about £400 of expenses that I will have to foot. At least. I would really love to confront the thieves and let them know how I feel. Anyway, thank you once again for the all your lovely comments. They really were a soothing antidote to this horrid experience which has left me quite worn out... I am getting there though people!

(picture found on the interweb!)


Carmi said...

This is why I ultimately couldn't work in the insurance industry. The rank unfairness of the way they treated clients was keeping me up at nights.

If there's anything I can do to help, please don't be shy. I'm e-mailable, Google Talkable and Skypable if you need to blue sky anything.

Anonymous said...

LOL....Bobkat that picture is exactly how I'll bet you are feeling after the last few days!!!

Like Carmi, please let me know if there is anything I can do. If you need something contact me through my blog and we'll open up email conversation.

What the heck is blue sky that Carmi mentioned?

kenju said...

Perhaps it would help if you wrote a post telling the robbers how you feel. Even if they would never see it, it might make you feel better to vent your anger productively.

Ps said...

Am really curious now to know which insurance company you used.
Glad that the scene was better at the university.
Hugs bob-kat.
The picture of the kitten was so apt!!

Melody said...

Insurance companies!! Urgh. I know how that kitten feels. You know Iabout my past couple of days trouble so I giggled at that pic. Things aren't as bad as initally thought yesterday so I am a hell of a lot happier today. Yippee. I hope things look up for you too.

diyadear said...

the picture is very cute n apt!!! good luck for the fights u 'll have to face.. stand tall n straight :)

Biff Spiffy said...

Kitten = perfect

Don't try that with wet cat food.

kross-eyed kitty said...

I'm so glad that the University is understanding, at least that's something.
Love the kitty-pic, it's purrfect!

Shephard said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. This happened to a blog friend of mine too, and it really rocked her world. So glad you are on top of it. My sincere wishes that you can turn it all around with the least stress possible.


Niall said...

Being a victim of crime doesn't stop with the theft!...I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It's hard to keep it all in context I know (having been a victim of burglary too!)..but things can be replaced...(except the stuff on your lap top granted)..but you're safe and well!!!!!(I realise you probably don't want to hear all this right now?!.....)Take care!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just hate Insurance Company's!!! What is with that? They sure are there when the want you to "buy"...! I hope they come through B-K and soon! I am so glad you got an extension on your school stuff...And replacements coming...Thank You God!

I LOVE that picture with all my heart....The way I have been eating chocolate these days...I look just like that over the chocolate dish...! (Only it's not a dish----it's the chocolate bar papers....(LOL).

Zeus said...

I don't know how these people sleep at night. The fact that you have been the one who has lost items of value and yet are being made to pay for it is OUTRAGEOUS. There's something wrong with this picture.

At least you got your deadlines extended for school. I bet that was a huge relief for you.