Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I just want to scream!

My mum always said things were sent to try us... and they do! I am going to rant a bit about my experience over the last few days since my things were stolen as I need to get a few things off my chest. Kenju, suggested that I write about how I felt as if I was addressing the thieves but I do not want to poison my blog with that and inflict it on you. It would not be nice. I have been vociferous about things to those close to me though!

Trust me when I say that the actual theft has probably been the least stressful part of this whole sorry business. The clean up operation afterwards has been a nightmare.

Phoning everyone and their dog in order to tell them my cards had been stolen was bad enough. The conversation went something like this:

"Good day. Can I help you?"
"Yes hello. I would like to report my card as stolen and request a replacement please".
"Certainly. Can you tell me the number on the card please?"
"Um, no. It's been stolen".

Honestly, I kid you not. Every. single. Time. At first I thought it was funny but I get fed up after the umpteenth time. If this wasn't bad enough, some company's thought it an ideal time to sell me extra services or products. On about preying on the vulnerable!

The insurance companies, as you can gather have been a hoot. My home insurance will not cover my things as they were not in my house. My friend's insurance will not cover them because they were not his. Of course they could not tell us this until after we had been given the third degree. I am pretty upset about this. (Yes, I know about personal possession insurance - it's a long story but my insurance got messed up during renewal it seems, as my ex-husband cancelled my insurance even though I was continuing it. No good crying over spilt milk). So, the upshot is that I have to wear the cost of replacing my things which adds up to several hundred pounds that I don't have [sigh].

Anyway, my car has literally just been picked up and taken to a garage. This was also a trial as the insurance company lost my claim details and nothing was being done until I rang today to see what was going on. Now, I have to wait apparently and see what will be done. I am not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about this people. Not at all. I am told photo's need to be taken and sent away, then the insurance company have to assess the claim, then things can be ordered and work can be done. I am to get a courtesy car but not for a day or so and then for a limited amount of time.

Luckily though, my replacement course books have arrived today which is great. Though I find the task of doing all that work again quite daunting. Also because the stinking thieves took my lap top I have had to change passwords on computer accounts and I keep forgetting the new ones. My pin numbers have changed on cards and I can't remember them either! I feel like a jelly head!

So...some sticky fingered waste of space thinks he can help himself to my belongings and somehow I end up with the cost in terms of money, time and inconvenience. They took my things but left me with a nightmare to deal with and plenty of stress. Honestly, I could scream...!

The police do not think they will catch who did it. I have been informed by a social worker I know that even if they were caught the chances are that they would be fined a fraction of the amount that they make from theft and would be free to re-offend. If it was an adolescent then they would get counselling or something similar. As the victim of crime, myself and my friend have been treated like we have done something wrong and it has cost us dearly in a number of ways. Is it me or do things seem wrong here?


mar said...

You have every right to scream. Life is very, very unfair sometimes... since a friend went through a similar nightmare we keep record of our credit cards and the number to call in case they are lost/stolen. I know it doesn't help any right now... I hope you can keep a clear mind to finish your work, Bob-kat.

diyadear said...

Bob, Calm down.. My mom tells me that if we r facing a very big problem that means god thinks we r worthy of conquering it.. So dont worry.. this night will pass too.. :)

chase said...

Well it really looks like that things are really quite wrong. You are the victim and should have been treated as such. I think it is bureaucracy instead of giving people a good service.

And regarding to that painting, some of the damages are beyond repair after they manage to get it from the thieves.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

So sorry you have to go through this. There's a saying "As bad as it is, it could always be worse". Hope this helps you over the coming days.


Sarch said...

You're frustration is understandable. You have been dealing with this for several days now and it wasn't fun to begin it is even less so.

The good thing is you HAVE made some progress towards getting things back to normal. There WILL be a time where you're finished jacking around with all the trouble this crime has caused you.

Judging from how I've come to know you through your blog, I imagine you'll eventually file this away in your mind and it will become another experience that forms your understanding of the world around you. Another experience you have lived through that makes you that much more "savy" and experienced in life.

Melody said...

I guess it has been like talking to a brick wall. Urgh. Bloody companies. They can be rather pathetic can't they?? Hope things are starting to look up - just like things are looking up for Monet and her teeth!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. This post was mostly about getting things off my chest. I have been frustrated by how inept my insurance companies have been and by how difficult things have been as a result. I am normally a very positive person and I admit that I have used my blog to offload a little so thanks to all of you that have provided support. Normal service will be resumed soon... BK

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very Very Very wrong, Bob-Kat...! Everything about your experience is just horrible, in every way...that old expression.."Insult to injury" really fits here, but good!
Is this the way things are now everywhere in the so called civilized world? There is nothing good about this story, my dear...I am so very very sorry that you have had to endure all this...And I pray all this stress will pass very soon!

Ps said...

Totally understandable how you feel.Apt picture too (Munch one of my favourites)
Take walks when it seems too much.Do concentrate on your books.

Sometimes I feel that loss of material things--no matter how expensive, or even loss of things like notes can be replaced.Loss of health can never be.People can never be.(View that was reinforced since I lost my dad recently)

Smile Bob-kat.It could have been worse.

srp said...

That isn't a bad idea.. to keep a list of credit cards and numbers and call numbers. I would probably put it in a safe place and never be able to find it.

I think it was Mother Teresa who said... "God never gives me more than I can handle. Sometimes I wish He didn't trust me so much."

The days will get better.

Cristin said...

When I had some things stolen the cops (in Dallas, TX, USA) told me that even if they found someone in possession of my stuff, they wouldn't have any way of proving they TOOK the stuff, and I got the very clear impression that they had no intention of even glancing at my report every again. The trip around the block to peek in a few dumpsters was all I could hope for.

Shephard said...

That seems like a familiar story... seems like the person on the receiving end always gets stuck with all the hassle until time can correct it all. Sending you positive thoughts that things start flowing more effortlessly.