Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the First Day of Christmas...

...the NHS did give to me, an appointment for surgery.

This wasn't exactly what I was hoping for and it wasn't on my list to Santa, but on Christmas Eve I received notice that I am to go into hospital for surgery to remove Hector (my lump) and half my thyroid where it resides. As experience days go I do not think it will catch on as a gift idea somehow:

You have been given an all expenses paid trip to hospital.
Your experience day will start at 7.30am prompt where you will be assigned to your ward, and includes an overnight stay in one of our beds. You will receive one surgical procedure and path lab report and the anaesthetic is included in your gift! We will provide a stylish backless gown for you to wear and meals during your experience, but don't forget to starve from midnight the night before!
We are looking forward to seeing you on the 9th January.

Don't get me wrong. I am pleased that things are moving quickly as Hector is growing quite quickly and also if it is a tumour I'd rather they took it out sharpish and treated me. I'm just quietly dreading going into hospital. I hate anything medical and I hate sleeping in rooms with strangers. Luckily if all goes well I should only have to stay for one night.

My other gifts were much more pleasant. I had a gorgeous necklace with amethyst, garnet and tanzanite cut stones set in white gold (thank you M), I got some curling tongs, a cosmetic bag (useful for going into hospital), a couple of DVD's, a fun book from CrazieQueen (hugs - also useful for hospital), a beautiful calendar from Old Old Lady of the Hills (thank you dear Naomi) and a selection of wonderful Molten Brown shower and bath gels (they smell divine). All in all I had some lovely gifts and it is always nice to receive a gift from someone as it's nice to be thought of. It gives me a warm feeling :) It counteracts the hospital related fear a little.


pink dogwood said...

bk - you will be just fine - you will be carrying well wishes from a lot of your friends. You will come back and report that it wasn't so bad after all.

Wishing you great health!!

David said...

sending you a bit 'teddy bear' hug and prayers for the evacuation of Hector and no more complications
God bless you with comfort, rest, and health.
i posted some christmas pictures at

Sleepypete said...

Hope things go well in there and that you don't get the opposite conditions to what I had in my last overnight hospital stay :-)

(It was high summer and the ward got steamy - opposite would be iciness ...)

PS Will tell CQ tomorrow that I is under orders to give hugs.

kenju said...

Bob-kat, I hope that Hector comes out pronto and you will feel better than ever soon. I got one of those lovely calendars, too - aren't we lucky? You're going on my prayer list again.

bunnygirl said...

You forgot to mention the very attractive cap they'll give you to wear during surgery. Talk about adding insult to injury!

I'm glad they'll be taking Hector out so quickly, thought. If it's growing, it needs out. You'll be glad when it's over.

Melody said...

You also forgot to add the 'free pair of compression socks'! (That's what you get in Oz!) Sorry, but that post had me smirking away like you wouldn't believe.

Hope all goes well with Hector. Take it easy my friend.


Bob-kat said...

That's okay Melody, it's menat to be humorous. I'm using it to combat my apprehension!

Also I forgot about the compression socks and the cap! Ugh!

craziequeen said...

I thought you'd like the book - it made me laugh!
NetChick sent me this time to say hello again.

Let me know when you're going in, sweetie.
You'll be borne in on the wings of bloglove - cool or what?


Dianne said...

yes, please let us know when surgery is scheduled. I've been thinking of you a lot anyway but now I will think extra hard - I know it might hurt my head but I'll do it ;)

I'm just that kind of person

Maybe the docs will all be straight out of TV. All McDreamy and McSteamy

Continue to do the one moment at a time thing - it really does work

All my love

Niall said...

Our local hospital looks very similar to the one in your picture!...and as for your admission...I'm sure they'll look after you just'll be over before you know it.Did I tell you I did my nurse training back in 1981?...if you get the same sort of attention and care I saw patients recieve during my years working in Hospitals, you'll be in the best hands!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm hoping The Demo Tapes arrive in time for Trevor to go with you and hold your hand, babe.

We're thinking of you over here.

moon said...

Thinking of your with all the best thoughts your way! I am glad they are not wasting any time ...and the sooner u are out and about, the sooner Hector is history lol.

I love the photos you took or your never occured to me to take close ups of mine like that, I have some treasured pieces on mine I have had for years..that I will certainly photograph up close now..Thanks for the idea, when I saw your pics, I thought, wow that looks lovely! ...great inspiration lol!!
Hugs from Canada!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I so identify with you anmd your feelings about The Hospital....AND sleeping in rooms with strangers...!
I dearly hope that ALL Goes Very Well, and that it is INDEED, for just one night.
I hope you have someone who will be there with you, my is always comforting to have a friend and loved one standing by when we have to go through these trying things....!
I will be thinking of you on January 9th and saying many prayers for the Best Outcome Possible! I know you will be so happy to say goodbye to Hector....!
And Good Riddence,!

Happy to hear that all your other gifts were so lovely....! And it was my great pleasure to send you the calendar...! Enjoy it along with all your other very lovely gifts!

David said...

snowing here on Sugarloaf Mtn

and i am bringing a new blog out