Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For what we are about to receive...

... May the Lord Make us truly thankful!

Prairie Dog ~ Bristol Zoo, December 2008

I go to the hospital tomorrow for my test results and finally find out what kind of lump Hector is. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by or sent me good wishes, thoughts, prayers and positive vibes since Hector took up residence in my thyroid. Even if Hector didn't take the hint immediately they all helped to buoy my spirits and were truly appreciated.

The photo of the prairie dog was taken on a recent day out at the zoo. The Prairie Dogs had recently been fed and I enjoyed watching them squabble over choice bits of food. I snapped away as they dined and when I got home I noticed that this little fella had his eyes closed. For all the world it looked like he was saying Grace.

I'll post again when I have some news. I'm hoping and parying for the good kind.


Mar said...

They will be good news!!!!
Keeping you in my thoughts.

pink dogwood said...

I pray that you have some good news soon.

It is a fantastic picture that you managed to capture.

Best wishes.

Melody said...

Great photo - it does look like he is saying Grace! Fabulous.

Good thoughts I am sending your way. xx

bunnygirl said...

Best of luck! I'll be hoping for the best, but no matter what they tell you, at least you'll know and can form an action plan. You'll be able to take back some control.

Niall said...

With all our thoughts, best wishes and hopes for a possitive outcome tomorrow..you could think of all these messages actually being in the 'ehter' around you...so in a way,when you're sat in the waiting room...we'll be with you and around you!

Ramona said...

Me: I've been out of blogland for a while
You: I'm sending good news vibes from across the pond.

Carmi said...

I'm hoping and praying right alongside you, my friend. You deserve more than a little cheer in the runup to Christmas, as you've had more than your fair share of the opposite of late.

Hector, your time is almost up.

kenju said...

Bobkat, he is praying for you - as am I.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I't is December 18th....I HOPE & PRAY that there is GOOD News, my dear Bob-Kat....I hold you in my heart and my thoughts...!

Sarch said...

Will be praying my friend and am looking forward to reading some good news soon.

rashbre said...

More related to your picture and as a sort of naughty way to cheer you along, there's an extra site in my sidebar at the moment called "F Y Penguin".

Its a bit rude as it works its way, daily, through the animal kingdom, through the eyes of a disaffected penguin.

Apologies in advance for any bad taste, but some, like the raccoon and swans, are quite funny.

And for an ongoing supply of similar bad taste, try the twitter feed too, referenced from the main site.