Saturday, August 18, 2007

Looking back

A strange feeling came over me last week as I opened an email from 'B' at 'Burnt Offerings'. Why? you might ask, and I shall tell. I have 'bumped' into 'B' several times at Michele's Meet 'n' Greet and it's been nice to say hi. My curiosity was therefore piqued when 'B' sent me an email. On reading I was at once flattered, horrified and surprised. The first because 'B' wanted to know more about me, horrified as this doesn't look like an easy meme to do and surprised as I couldn't think why someone might want to know more. So you could say I felt a bit 'flatter-horri-prised'. Or something.

Anyway, after my initial feelings I am sticking with being flattered that someone wants to learn more and just hope that they aren't disappointed! My main problem with compiling this is that the meme asks you to look through old posts to illustrate certain aspects of your life and I have far from covered many things in my blog. There is far more to me than appears in these virtual pages. As I suspect is true for all of you. Anyway, here goes:

Link One: Family
- I don't write much about my family. There are several reasons for this. When I first started this blog it was as a sort of outlet. I am still not sure for what though. My marriage was breaking down and I was having health problems (due to fibroids which left me anaemic and often in excruciating pain and required anti-hormone therapy (a whole bunch of laughs) and surgery, twice). I didn't write about this though as I think I wanted somewhere where these things weren't. I know it sounds odd. So I never really meant to share personal stuff, just bits and bobs from my life and then photographs from day trips and holidays and other stuff. However, as I started to make some blog friends I opened up more.

I thought I would link back to the post where my family were affected by the recent flooding in the UK and my mother was in hospital again due to her recent problems with her back and legs which can be viewed
here. Mum is till having problems but she has now seen the specialist who has recommended various treatments. We are awaiting them to be given the go ahead. Fingers crossed as it sounds like this might truly help her if she isn't turned down.

Link Two: Friends
- This one is especially difficult as I do not write about my friends. However, I have made several blog friends. You know who you are :) I have even started to exchange emails with a couple and it is always a thrill to find an email from them. So the post I will link back to is my last birthday where I had a virtual party and my blog friends bought me virtual presents (some of which I must still post about as they were all wonderful!). You can relive the party experience here.

Link Three: Yourself
- I went back to a post I did last year for this one. I chose this one as it says a lot about me. I had just been for a weekend away in Plymouth, which is the city where I went to university and also lived for a few years afterwards. I loved living there. The post also says something about my sense of humour and my outlook on life. Lastly the place featured in the post was always one of my favourite places to visit when I lived down there. You can read about it here.

Link Four: Something I Love - I borrowed his name for my blog and he has been my constant companion for 16 years. I adopted him while I still lived in Plymouth and at first he wasn't sure he wanted to live with me. He had been stray and I suspect he had been mistreated too. After several hours he made up his mind and he came to sit with me. We looked at each other and an understanding passed between us. Ever since then he has followed me around like a puppy and is the best cat ever! You can read about one way he 'helps' me here and the photo is a nice one of him.

Link Five: Anything at All
- I love to travel. I have a very long list of places I want to go and I suspect that I will never have time to see them all. Last year I went to somewhere I have wanted to visit for a looooong time. It is probably the most recognisable place on earth due to it being in so many films. I has been a scene of great tragedy, and is a huge melting pot of cultures. It is New York. I must go back sometime but you can view a post I wrote about it here. Have a look as I was really pleased with the photos!

So there you have it. It was quite a challenge putting this together but it was also enjoyable to look through past posts. Kind of like looking through an old diary or photo album. I am supposed to tag five people with this meme but I generally don't do tags. So if you fancy doing it, go ahead and then let me know and I will pop on over for a look.

Update: I was absolutely thrilled and flattered to find that Michele had made me her site of the day. It made me smile which is not a bad way to start the day! She also said some terribly nice things about me so thank you for the compliment. If you have been sent here by Michele then thank you for taking the time to visit. Do please feel free to look around my blog. You'll find various things including random thoughts, things that are going on in my life and photographs I have taken on days out and on trips. If you haven't been sent here by Michele then let me return her compliment. Go and see Michele. She is talented and witty and her site is a wonderful place to meet other Bloggers. You'll find her link at the top of this post or in my side bar. Thanks!


'B' said...

WOW, this was great to look back and read. I have been to all of the post's, and left a comment there... It was great to learn a little more about someone in a distant location!

kenju said...

It is so nice to read more about you, Bob-kat, although I had read most of those posts earlier.

I did the same meme, and it was both a chore and a treat to plow through old posts and select something to fit each category. You did well!

Nikki-ann said...

I'm the same. I rarely write about family/friends (or at least not in any detail). I deliberately leave out surnames etc when talking about family history etc.

It's a nice (if difficult) meme though :)

I hope you're having a good weekend.

Ps said...

It was nice reading about you.(although like Kenju i have read most of your old posts too)
It sounds like a difficult meme--and like you, I too had no clue when i started blogging that such a warm world of 'blog friends' would open out for me.

BreadBox said...

Bob-kat: for all your trepidation, I think that you have done a fine job: good posts, and a wonderful picture of Bob the cat!

Michele sent me, but I always enjoy the visits,

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I remember most of those posts very well and went back to re-read them, too....Your New York pictures are still incredibly impressive and nostalgic for me...The many many hours I spent in Radio City Music Hall, as a young was THE Movie Palace, in every way.

I think you did a magnificent job with this MEME Bob-Kat....and speaking of "Bob"....He is cuch a handsome devil---with the sweetest face..(Shhhhh. Don't tell Sweetie I said

This was a great re-read in every way, my dear....I dearly hope this specialist helps bring your Mom back to good health!

rashbre said...

There's a few of the 8 things type memes going around again at the moment. I've done them in the past and agree it always takes longer than one expects.

Like you I have some background rules about what gets blogged.

kenju said...

Bob-kat! Michele has chosen you as her site of the day. Congratulations!! (she sent me, of course)

Anna said...

Congrats on being Michele's blog of the day! Or am I supposed to say, "Hello, Michele sent me"?

These memes are often the hardest things for me - so much thinking to do. Now I want to read all the posts you linked and learn more about you.

Shephard said...

Of course you know I'm going to comment on little Bobkat. What a sweet photo. :)

And your 1st photo looking down toward Radio City... gorgeous. You must have a proper camera. :) Sigh. Fitting that I come back from NYC this weekend, and you steer me to that post.

Congrats on being Michele's site of the day.

Mr. Althouse said...

It's sure nice to know a little bit more about you. Some of it I read in real time, but not all. It is a fitting post to be on top as the recipient of the honor of Michele's SOTD!! So I am here at her bidding - but I would have found my way here anyway.

michele sent me,


mar said...

You did wonderful, Bob-kat, and love the flatter-horri-prised term! Maybe because it is hard for me to share more than a picture and a meme...
It was interesting to read and remember prior posts, I am sure it wasn't an easy chore to put all this together.

Congratulations on being Michele's site of the day, what fun!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Congrats, My Dear...Just pooped by Michele's before I hit the Zzzzz's and see that you are the SITE OF THE DAY! What fun! Enjoy, Enjoy!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Well, I'm here again because I had flown over here before I commented on Michele's, and when I was YOU I was supposed to visit...Always happy to be here Bob-Pat...Give Mr. Bob a BOG Hug & Kiss from Sweetie and me...!

'B' said...

As I am here from Michele's tonight, and I had commented befor, I had better make another comment!

That is a very nice shot of the kitty, Bob... Now how can I get Jasmine to be so cool?

Here from Michele's!

Scott Reed said...

Nice site. Michelle sent me.

Marie said...

Hello Bob-kat! I shall click some of your links now! Congrats on being site of the day! And hello... Michele sent me.

Mike Davis said...

Congratulations on being site of the day. I don't envy you the meme - particularly as I share the no family/friends blogging philosophy.

BreadBox said...

Bob-kat, Coming over to say congratulations on being SOTD at Michele's today! Enjoy the havoc it will give you for a day:-) Well deserved!


Madseason said...

I am here from Michele's and wanted to post a greeting before I go back and read your beautiful blog... May I tell you that Bob-kat is a very handsome dude and it is nice of him to allow you to use his name for your blog! Funny how we are 'adopted' by our little 4-legged friends, isn't it??

Auntie Antiquity said...

bob-kat, as memes go, I am not a fan but this one was great! Now we all know a little bit more about the inner workings of bob-kat. btw, michele sent me and I'm glad I came!

MissMeliss said...

Technically, Michele didn't send me here today - I followed your link back from a comment on my Tuesday Twosome post.

BUT, I first read your blog because of Michele's M&G weekends, so in a sense, she did sponsor this visit.

Lovely, fascinating post. You handled it gracefully.

Happy SotD, and have a great week.

Indigo said...

Hello, good morning! I really like this meme/post. I may have to borrow it. Congrats on being the Site of the Day!

Linda said...

Bob the cat is absolutely gorgeous...and I have to agree about your NYC pictures, they were fantabulous! The colors of the night were just amazing.

Michele sent me to read you today, though you know I'm a regular!!!

Janet said...

What a great post to have when people from Michele's are visiting! It's nice to know a bit more about you :-)

And hi, Michele sent me!

Anne said...

Congrats on being site of the day!

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful to know so much about you. As you are aware, I like visiting your blog from Michele's meet and greet.

I can understand what you say as I seldom write very personal suff about myself.

Congratulations for being the SOTD. You deserve it.

You know who sent me..:D

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, Bob-kat. I'm here from Michele's today (but you'd think I'd learn to hang out here more often, huh?).

I got tagged with this same meme, and was working on it last night. Look for it either today or over the weekend.

Becky68 said...

That's a really good Meme!
Congratulations on being Site of the day today!

WendyWings said...

I have only just this week got back into "blogging" and getting around to visiting. It was great to see you as site of the day at Micheles. I am trying to keep up more now lol.
Nice to read more about you.
Have a great week.

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me...and it is really cool that she chose you site of the day...

It was very interesting to read and get to know more about you...

Have a great day!!!

Tara said...

Hello Bobkat...I was sent here by Michelle and have enjoyed the experience! I am still a little new at the blogging and can only blog when I have the time. I drive a truck for a living and that limits the blogging a bit.
New York is a great place to visit, however I have never visited it, just drove through it multiple times in my truck and am not thrilled with it thus far. I am sure that given the opportunity to visit where I don't have to drive anywhere, I would love to see it for the City it is. The skyline is alway striking when I go through and have a second to glance away from the ever fast traffic. Take care and keep up the good blog!

diyadear said...

hey b-k,
its was lovely to read more abt u.. :)

michelle said...

thanks for sharing all this with us. new york is on my list and I can't wait to get there.. michele sent me

Carmi said...

I'm so excited that you were named Michele's SOTD. It brought a huge smile to my face when I first read it. In my book, it's nothing short of well-deserved recognition.

I loved this meme. I appreciate how much thought you put into answering it with such grace and honesty. Thus far, I haven't had the courage to fulfill any meme requests. I guess I'm more secretive about stuff than I originally thought!

Michele sent me to once again remind you how very glad we are that you're part of our little blog world.

Clubbs said...

Boy, that is a challenging meme. My blog is too new for me to play along.

I'm trying to start a new meme concept that is much simpler, would you care to have a look?

Click here for my blog

What a beautiful picture in your header, by the way!

Have a great day!


Little Miss Muffet said...

so good to know more about u :)

November Rain said...

HI Bob Michelle sent me

"I think I wanted somewhere where these things weren't. I know it sounds odd.

No it doesn't it sound understandable.. As one woman who has had her share of life ups and downs I sympathize whole heartedly

There sounds like a lot of good reasons to get to know you

Melody said...

Great answers B-K. I have been a reader of your blog for a while now so I do remember a lot of your posts you wrote about... And so I see that mIchele is sending people over for site of the day. Well done!