Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Study Partner

Sooooo... the exam is over. I put my pen down at 1pm today which was a relief quite frankly as my hand ached. Alot. I am so used to tapping away on a keyboard (computer, not musical instrument), that writing continuously for three hours always comes as a bit of a shock. By the end of the exam, my handwriting had definitely decended from the the free flowing articulate form which is usually a trademark of my letter writing, to something more befitting an illiterate inebriated spider. I can only hope that the marker has completed his course in advanced handwriting deciphering.

As ever I have no idea as to how I have done. I feel that I fluffed one section but I'm pretty sure I did better than I expected to on the first section. I really don't know about the final section as it was a very open-ended essay question. I guess it's wait-and-see time which is always what my mother cooked for dinner, or at least that is what she told us when we asked. But I digress.

The nice thing about getting an exam over with is the feeling of freedom that envelopes you afterward. Freedom from the bonds of revision and the confines of a small study, freedom to do with my time whatever my little heart desires. At least for a while, once the chores are done and around work, but the rest of it is mine! All mine until the next part of my MBA starts in May.

As promised I have some photos I have taken to share with you, but until I get around to posting them I thought you might like the pic below of my study buddy, who sits on the window sill by my desk and purrs, and also occasionally wanders across my desk to see me in a helpful manner, more befitting a bull in a china shop than a small cat, with items tumbling to the ground after being toppled casually by his passing. Still, his company was appreciated. The pic is of Bob alfresco earlier today.

Photos of my day out to Raglan Castle coming soon as promised. Right now I am off for a relaxing evening.


srp said...

What an elegant gentleman you have there! Great picture, and pose! Perhaps if you read him these words of praise he will pose more often! Mine see the camera coming and try to make themselves invisible... so it is grab a candid shot while you can.

My brother left for Europe today, London and then Vienna by tomorrow. He has two days of rehearsal and then an opera performance... first of five. Then he is off to a concert and then to Bayreuth for the summer of Wagner's Ring Cycle. He expects his Ziegfried to be much better this year... hopefully the little director will be better too.

kenju said...

Bob really has a very sweet face! I know all about cats that knock stuff off desks; mine do it for attention.

Shephard said...

What a great face... I love the cobby apple-head on cats. So friendly looking.

Glad you can breathe out again.

misti said...

Yeah i agree, exams do wonders to our handwritings. We are enslaved by MSWord so much that although our typing speed might be 50wpm, but writing is less than 20wpm. And not to forget the terrible spelling mistakes :). Enjoy ur time off, and that’s a wonderful picture of Bob.

Bob-kat said...

I just wanted you all to know that I really appreciated your well wishes in the run up to my exam. They were much appreciated and buoyed me tremendously.

Many thanks in particular to "The Fat Lady" who does not seem to have a blog where I can visit. I am glad you drop by whoever you are. Your words of wisdom have been a great help.

mar said...

Bob alfresco! love the expression and he looks lovely, nice shot.
Enjoy your relative freedom until the next round of exams!!!

utenzi said...

LOL Yes, I can see how there might be ups and downs to having a study partner like that, BK. Well, congrats on getting this part of your MBA journey over. I hope you recover in time for the next bit.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Congratulations on finishing that essay! I know you must be so very relieved that THAT is Done! And to have such a wonderful compsanion sitting by, ready to be helpful any way you need, including distracting you..(Cats are so darn
I hope you emjoy your FREE time, my dear.

Katherine said...

Yippee!! Being done with a huge exam is the best feeling in the world. I'm sure you did great after all that studying. Bob has such an adorable face - what expression.

Ramona said...

Congrats on finishing your exam! I have no doubt you passed with flying colours.

That Bob-Cat, he is Gorgous! What a sweet little face. Madame Dutchess would surely fall in love.

Biff Spiffy said...

Good joerb. LOVE the line about illiterate inebriated spiders...

I love cats.
Wanna trade recipes?

(nah really, I like cats a bunch)

JAM said...

Hope all went well on your test.

That's a great pic of your buddy, though it looks like he's trying to figure out if what he's looking at needs killing.

Sarch said...

Good for you Bobkat!

An inebriated spider? Hmmmm....getting a mental picture here.

Enjoy your temporary hiatus from studies.

I'm glad you had Bobkat to keep you in line these last few weeks.

Looking forward to the castle photos.

R. Sherman said...

Reminds me of my "Evidence" exam in law school.

Four hours.

Two smoke breaks.

Thought I'd muffed it.

Did OK, though.

You'll be fine.


Melody said...

It's been a long (long) time since I have had an exam, but I still remember that feeling you get when you are finished. Relief. Absoloute relief.

I would be in shock if I had to physically 'write' an exam paper. Pity hey?

Hope you've done well (I'm sure you have) Cute piccie of your cat.

rashbre said...

Enjoy the exuberance of the respite from study! And best luck towards the results.

Mr. Althouse said...

I like your new profile avatar. Very mysterious.

I know exactly how you feel about finishing an exam. It doesn't matter how well I do, when it's over it's over and I can relax. I can't understand why some professors still insist on hand written exams, I can barely read my own hand writing. Oh well, what's a little writer's cramp when it comes to furthering my education.

Michele didn't send me, but I'm sure she will eventually,


Moogie said...

Great photo...what a handsome study partner you have. I am sure you did wonderfully on your test. After all, you work too hard to do anything but fantastic. I'm so glad you can relax a bit now.

By the way, we had "Good Food" for dinner alot.

Carmi said...

That is an absolutely beautiful picture of a beautiful animal.

I'm so thrilled that you came through the exam in one piece. I'm not at all surprised, and am sure you'll succeed stupendously when the final grades are handed out. You're just that smart!

I've got a piece of difficult, personal writing to do this weekend. Not quite sure how I want to handle it, but when I read about my friends' successes, it puts me in a better frame of mind. Thanks for that!

Blue Monkey Jammies said...

Cats appear to be graceful or clumsy on a whim. Depending on how badly they want your attention, they can certainly wreck havoc.
Congratulations on getting your exam out of the way.

Here via Michele today.

Luna said...

Great picture, and pose!
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'B' said...

So I hope that the results were what you had hoped for! Both L & I were doing study, L her MBA, and I was doing two Masters! M Agric Sci (Turf Management) & M Sustainability Sci...

Congratulations on the accomplishments you have achieved which were attributed to you cute study partner I am sure!!