Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Busy Bee!

Things are still hectic in my world as I attempt the world record for multi-tasking. I'm seeing just how many things you can juggle before you end up with a big old mess of stuff going on!

Blogging is having to take a bit more of a back seat for a short time so apologies if I don't get round to dropping by as often as I'd like to. This is the state of play in my world at the moment:

  • My MBA essay is taking far more time than I hoped. It is a tricky one for me as it is based on my role at work which I have only been in for a few weeks.
  • My new role is just that - brand new, pretty unbounded and I also started it in the middle of a big change programme that is going on.
  • I am playing catch up at work whilst trying to help establish the new team I'm in and do some work.
  • Did I mention that one of out team members is off sick so I have extra duties?
  • The house is a total mess and how come the washing basket is always full?
  • Why does the grass keep growing???
  • I am off on a residential course for 3 days next week and need to get some things out of the way before I go.
  • There hasn't really been any news about my mother. She is still pretty much the same. Still waiting for the specialist...
  • Two of my friends have recently been plagued by blog trolls and upset by them. Funny how they are always anonymous...
  • I haven't had time to go anywhere and take any photos for awhile now :(
  • Divorce stuff still going on.
  • Need to go to the docs as there's something not quite right.
  • Did I mention that my house needs cleaning?
  • I'm feeling just an ickle wee bit stressed.
  • I caught my fave T-shirt on a door jam and it ripped :(
  • I need a glass of wine right now! Make it a large one!
  • Hope you like the little clip I'm leaving you with right now. It's kind of a teaser to get you warmed up for a post or two I want to do on the airshow I went to awhile back! The sentiment is straight from the heart though! :)


Shephard said...

Wow! That's quite a lot of plates you're juggling! Add 3 more things to the list: eat chocolate, kiss the kitty and smell the roses.

kenju said...

Shephard always gives good advice, doesn't he? Hope things can settle down for you soon!

Melody said...

You are a busy bee Bob-Kat. And I thought I had a lot going on??? Nope, I don't. My advise is to take a step back. And to read shephard's advice!! heehee. But he didn't mention anything about a glass of wine, so add that to the list!

mar said...

You sound so busy, Bob-Kat! forget about a clean house, just clean clothes are needed! and Shepard's advice :)
Oh, and a bit of cheese and crackers to go with that glass of wine!
the video was lovely

Auntie Antiquity said...

Bob-kat you sound stressed. But that see a doctor thing is one you should take care of!

hope things slow down for you soon!

btw michele sent me. but I've been here before, i like kitties

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am overwhelmed just reading ALL that you have on your plate! (Time for a nap...lol).
I love that video...I have ALWAYS loved Sky Writing...The precision of this one you posted is quite extrordinary....Many years ago, I did a wedding and the people lived down in Malibu right on the Beach--the deremony was on the sand dunes...It was just the two of them and two witnesses as required by the State of California, and me, of course...and then we went to lunch at a lovely restaurant that looks out over the ocean, a few miles down the coast hughway. The bride had hired a sky diver to write how much she loved her husband, as we sat outside partaking of lunch....It was awesome....(Their second ceremony was held 4 days later---that was the Public one, also right there at their home.

Niall said...

Here is your virtual bottle of wine...sit back, run yourself a bath..read that magazine you've meaning to read..open that chocolate and close your eyes and imagine two big strong hands masaging away the stress...

Ps said...

Appreciate the heartfelt sentiment.
Instructions for a relaxed Bob-kat.

1.Find a silent room in the house.
2.Switch offcell phone,take land phone off the hook, switch off black berry,switch off computer.
3.Lie down or sit in a lotus pose.If you are siting keep backbone straight.
4.Close your eyes and focus on your breath.Feel it go in and all the way down to your abdomen and out again.Just focus on each beath.
5.Dont worry if your mind wanders.Just keep focusing on breath.
6.Continue for as long as you feel comfortable.

When you open your eyes you will be surprised at how relaxed you feel.
(I practise yoga.I am not kidding.Try it)

Oh yes--hope u have a good trip.

MissMeliss said...

Wow, you're one busy person. I hope there are moments to just rest every so often.

Michele sent me.

PI said...

Don't worry Bob-kat; I find a lot of my friends are taking time out at present - as long as you all come back again it's OK. BTW I wish someone would discover how you can watch the u- tube thingy and get back to the post. I have just had to go back to mine, then to Michele's to get back to you. Madness!

rashbre said...

ripped t shirts are quite fashionable. flaunt it.

For that getting back to the post thing, use target="_blank" in the anchor part of HTML.

D.O.M. Dan said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

I can relate to things being hectic and having to juggle many items at once, both in my personal life and at work. Don't let it get you down.

I hope your mother is okay, and hope you feel better too.

Nice clip. I heart air shows.

gautami tripathy said...

Too much on your platter but what the heck! You can do it.

Michele says so along with me..

Mr. Althouse said...

Why does the grass keep growing???

That's funny!

I hope it all doesn't get you down AND I hope your mother is doing better. At least the water has receded and the running water is back!

Michele didn't send me, but I have a feeling she was a bout to.


mar said...

Dropping by to wish you a prolific weekend !

carli said...

I hate when things get piled up like that--hope it all works out for you.

Cool video. I just recently saw some skytyping in my town, which I thought was way cool. If you're not familiar with skytyping (as opposed to skywriting), look it up. It's really neat. Here from M .

flleenie said...

Hey Bob-Kat, thanks for the visit.

Life sounds hectic right now, oh wait a minute, you're right! It is hectic!!

I definitely feel your pain. Hang in there.

Beckie said...

You are busy! Hopefully things will settle out and your stress level will decrease and then everything will get back to good!

Star said...

Have a few balls in the air do you? Good luck. Stay sane.

Belizegial said...


I would say 'take a deep breath and then do the more important things first'.

How interesting that you are taking your MBA at this time. What is your concentration?

I am about to embark on an MBA programme with a concentration in Sustainable Development.

Here via Michele,

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is early Sunday morning and I hope yoiu are getting a little bit of R & R, my dear....All work and no play....well, you know the rest...lol!
Seriously...I dearly hope your schedule has shortened up some...!
HUGS TO YOU, dear B-K.