Friday, June 05, 2009

I don't normally use the word cute a lot but...

Max at 8 weeks

Those who are not cat lovers might like to skip this paragraph. I visited my Max this week and was amazed at how much he had grown. He had basically doubled in size from when I saw him at 5 weeks and this time he was very much awake as you can see from his beautiful big blue eyes. He looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth but approximately two minutes after this photo was taken, he was chewing on my fingers. Earlier that day he had been shut in a room he wasn't meant to be in and had apparently been getting up onto the dining table (and being shown the floor again). It sounds like I will very much have my work cut out for me when I bring him home at the end of the month but truthfully, I can't wait :)

On a different note, the chaos that is poorly thought out change continues to sap my will to live at work. This week has been particularly difficult as my thyroid condition seems to be playing up at the moment. It's been a really lovely sunny week and I've had no energy whatsoever. I have been feeling like the Duracell bunny who got the short straw of generic batteries and is the first one to stop drumming. Bleh! The next couple of weeks are going to be really busy so I hope it sorts itself out a bit.

Between work and bouts of nodding off on the sofa I have been watching some great TV series. I have rediscovered 'Ed', a series about a lawyer who also owns a bowling alley in a small American town and also 'American Gothic'; a series about a small town in America where everyone is not as they seem and a young boy, Caleb loses his sister who then visits him as a ghost to uncover the past and protect him from the Sheriff who isn't what he seems to be. I have also discovered 'Castle' which is a series about a murder/thriller writer who teams up with a NYC detective to solve crimes. It sounds trite but the characters are great, the script is well written and acted and it's humorous. Click on the series names to check them out as IMDB will tell you more than I have the energy to here right now.

Other than the above, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend before the busy week ahead and will be booking a weekend away for the end of the month to celebrate my birthday. It's gonna be a milestone one and I intend to do something special. If I haven't been round to visit you recently then I hope to soon. Right after 40 winks. Promise.


David said...

cute is a good word

kenju said...

I loved 'ED' when it was on here, and I miss it now! I saw Castle a few times and I will catch it again in re-runs.

That kitty definitely deserves the word cute!

bunnygirl said...

Max is adorable. I know you'll enjoy your new friend.

Mar said...

Max is ... cute!! what a lovely one! enjoy your weekend, BK!

R. Sherman said...

Upper level management failing to think through changes and consequences?

Say it ain't so!



Nikki-ann said...

Ohhhh, he is soo cute! He's making me want another cat (and I've already got 2). :) Very adorable!

I'm sorry to hear about work.

Castle... I want to see that! Nathan Fillion is in it and I'm a bit of a fan.

Smiler said...

Isn't he a gorgeous one though? I'd have a hard time keeping from rubbing my face into all that soft fur. I do that to Mimi and she doesn't quite get it but still purrs tentatively sometimes. Kittens really are quite a bit of work. As much as I wanted one before getting Mimi, I have to say it was a relief not having to do so much training. Mind you, it helps that she actually listens and I wish you the very same with Max.

Bummer about the thyroid condition. I know how it feels because I feel listless like that most of the time. Which is why I end up reading and watching movies and tv so much. Hmph. Good thing I'm not setting out to be a marathon champion.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

He sure is a Cutie and a Beauty, too....And it does sound like he is "into" everything...Hooray!

Sorry to read you are so tired, my dear...There is nothing worse than feeling like you have no energy.....I dearly hope that things improve at work, too...

Maybe you sgould give yourself a
l-o-n-g weekend at The Columbe D'Or....after all--this IS a Milestone Birthday, and that would be a very very special place to go....!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, Ed... I miss that show. It was great fun.

And Max? Goodness. I want him!!! (and as the owner of two Devon Rexes, I know all about spirited cats... if you need anything, holler.)

Dianne said...

oh my!! max is adorable

make sure you get him used to being brushed right away
Mia is the first long hair I have ever had and heaven knows where she was before me but she hates being brushed and it is an endless drama with her

I really love the Furminator - it gets the undercoat in one sweep

Ed was a great show, very quirky and sweet

Hope your energy picks up

Melody said...

You know I'm not a big cat lover but by jingo ringo, is Max cute or what??? Adorable. I'd love to pick him up and give him a little pet and a snuggle.

Oww, I remember American Gothic - I loved that show. That little kid gave me the creeps though.

Zeus said...

I didn't care for any of those shows, but hey, to each her own! :) Max is growing up to be such a cutie! I see lots of snuggles in the future.

R. Sherman said...

Just popping in to say "Hi." I hope all is well.


bodaat said...

I loved Ed!! they should never have got rid of it!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Max is certainly cute. The word is not overused.

I watched every episode of "Ed" and loved it. I have yet to miss an episode of "Castle" and I find it to be entertaining though I wonder how they can keep it up. You've got me on "American Gothic"; I've never even heard of it.

Can't wait to see and hear more about Max!

Mary, the dachsies' mom (Roxie, Sammy & Andy)