Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tie One

It is customary in the UK for troops returning from conflict to parade through the town where they are based. I was recently appalled by *this story*.

This week, from 24 to 31 March, is 'Yellow Ribbon for the Forces Week' which encourages people to support the British Armed Forces by wearing a yellow ribbon.

It's run by the Yellow Ribbon Foundation, which is an independent, non-political community support organisation for anyone with a British Armed Forces connection and aims to boost the morale of both the serving personnel and their families. Funds are raised from the selling of yellow ribbons which supports charities that have a connection with the Armed Forces. Support is also shown by people in many other ways such as turning a street yellow with ribbons on their front doors or by having a 'Dress Yellow Day' at work or school.

Politics aside, these people serve their country, sometimes in very dangerous and unpleasant conditions. The least we can do is show support as a Nation.


Zeus said...

I'm speechless. Those soldiers are protecting his right to even lead such protests. I'm not sure what's happening in this world anymore.

kenju said...


I didn't go to the link, because I am sure it would make me sick.

Nikki-ann said...

It truely is appalling what some people do.

R. Sherman said...

I'm afraid that our British cousins are losing it. To allow such a person to openly abet treason by seeking others to give aid and comfort to the enemy without fear of recourse, truly does not bode well for your great country. We've got an extra bedroom if you ever need it.


Kim Williams said...

i thank you for lifting the standard of tolerance and respect, bobkat.

NetChick sent me and says Hi!

Star said...

So ironic, isn't it, that the soldiers this guy, and others like him are villifying are the very reason they are free to do so in public. 150 good British solidiers have given their lives so a person of this ilk can exercise their right of free speech, and get press coverage too. Netchick sent me.