Friday, March 20, 2009

Round Up

Great song eh? But more on that later...

It's been a
loooooong week. There is much change at work with the team I am in being broken up and various sections being reorganised with sections from other teams. Apparently nothing else much will change which begs the question: then why do it? I believe there are two reasons: the first being that if handled properly there could be advantages in closer working with some other sections and the second that senior management need to earn their keep so occupy themselves with tasks akin to arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. At least that is how it seems sometimes from my lowly position.

It has been an eventful week though and a complete mixed bag the highlights of which I shall list for your amusement and edification and the reason for posting the video will become evident:
  • All week I have been hounded by someone at work who believes their crisis should also be mine. It got to the point where I was being bombarded with emails and calls and had to put my phone through to voicemail to get some peace (I was not ignoring them and had replied but they wanted a different answer). Ever felt hunted?
  • The sun has been shining for most of the week and it feels like Spring has sprung with a vengeance! I took my bearded dragons outside to see the sun and they loved it. It really was quite funny to see them as it was the first time they had actually seen the sky!
  • One of my fish is digging big holes in the aquarium sand and clogging the filter. Yesterday it overflowed and poured all over my sideboard and down over some hardback books. I was not impressed.
  • The chatterbox at work has held me hostage several times this week. It is my considered opinion that they do not breathe air as they certainly don't stop for it! Today they kept me in conversation for 15 minutes and then announced to me that they were bored! Really?!!!!!
  • It's Mothers Day this Sunday and I have mine and M's mothers' gifts all sorted and gift wrapped. We have been asked to dinner but...
  • My parents continue their hamfisted attempts at reconciling myself and my brother. This week they tried emotional blackmail again enquiring which one of us would be attending their funerals. My brother basically will not be in the same place as me and storms out of their house if I so much as ring them while he is there. I love my parents very much but it can be hard to bite my tongue sometimes.
  • I have been so tired still. I have actually fallen asleep in the afternoons.
  • I was reminded of the power of smiling. It's something I always try to do anyway, whenever I am dealing with someone but it was so nice to have a smile bestowed on me.
  • I booked a city break in Barcelona. I go in two weeks and I cannot wait to see this wonderful city. I am also looking forward to meeting up with a fellow blogger who I have long admired.
  • All I have to do is find someone to look after my lizards. It appears that most people don't like them. It is very ill deserved as they are the sweetest tempered creatures, more harmless than the average hamster.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to this break. I am only going away for 4 days but I have taken a whole two weeks off work to take me over Easter. This way I can truly relax and catch up with some chores around the house and garden without feeling pressure to fit them in around everything else all the time. I so need this time to relax. Other than Christmas it has been well over 18 months since I took more than a week off work. I cannot wait.


kenju said...

Are you meeting Mar? That's great!

A favorite blogger of mine is moving to Barcelona in a few weeks.

rashbre said...

Barcelona is great and there's some fabulous sights like the Gaudi House (near where I met Mar!) and the Ramblas which has plenty of cafes and people just wandering around.

I'm sure you'll take a camera, so it will be great to see some pix later.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've noticed that when my cat doesn't feel well, she isn't as good about taking her medicine. And I know that she's figured out that taking it does make her feel better, so I truly don't get it. But there ya go.

Have a great break! Even four days is still a good thing.

craziequeen said...

We know that hunted feeling in our office - people who think they know the law and try and tell us how to do our jobs - they never take our first answer...

Tanya and I are glad to hear you are getting some time off and a bit of a trip to rest and relax - mind you, I don't know if Barcelona is a particularly restful place :-)


Marina said...

I hate the hunted feeling. I know exactly what you're talking about, and I don't handle it well. Instead, I usually end up telling the girl in question that "if it doesn't deal with me, then stop coming to me. Why not use your air on the person with whom you have a problem?!?!"

Or something like that...the flavor of it typically changes from time to time, depending on the exact situation...

Mar said...

I can't wait!!

PI said...

It's always great to have something to look forward to and good news that you have plenty of time to relish and enjoy it. Pity you have a trying person at work and a difficult sibling. I know all about that but it's got better with age - mainly - I think because we find it hard to remember - even beefs:)
Tanya sends her best.

Carmi said...

If I lived closer, I'd be happy to take on lizard-care duty. You're right: they ARE sweet. They just need to hire better PR agents, I think!

I sooooo relate to the brother thing. I have a brother and a sister who behave the same way toward me. My extended family is, frankly, not the nicest set of relatives, and I often joke that I must have come from space, because I have so very little in common with any of them.

But we can't be responsible for the idiocies of others. Only our own. It's your bro's loss, IMHO.

Tanya sent me to congratulate you on your trip, and to let you know you can be part of our extended family anytime.

Melody said...

Oooo I would *love* to go to Barcelona! Enjoy your break and I look forward to seeing your pics in future posts....

I hope your week is a better one this week. Just count down to your impending trip my dear. (I might yet be heading to London for a week over Easter, but you won't be around...)

R. Sherman said...

I need a break, as well. Barcelona sounds very good, but I'd even settle for something closer, i.e. Kansas City. Actually anywhere away from the damn phones.