Saturday, March 07, 2009

Things that make me go 'Argh!'

Orangutan ~ Vienna Zoo (Sept. 2007)

It's been a very hard week. Attending a 3 day course meant that my working week was effectively compressed into 2 days. Add into the mix the fact that we have 2 new people in the team, both of which need help and guidance (understandably) and one of which could get gold in the Olympics for 'talking', then available time is compressed even further. Sure, there are some things that didn't get done and are on the list to do next week, but some things had to be done and being talked at for what seems like hours didn't help much.

It's okay though, as the other party in the Olympic talking competition, all you have to do is stand there; you are not required to take part but '
uming' and resisting the urge to either nod off or gnaw your right foot off in desperation are appreciated it seems. I tried to extricate myself several times with hints at my work load, pointed looks at my watch and then phrases such as "I must get on' to little avail. I think I'm just a trifle irritable because I'm tired, but honestly, I am going to have to work out how to escape this person lest I throttle them. Like I said, I'm a tad irritable...

Have you noticed how things can really irritate you when you're tired? Well, I find they always have the potential to irritate me but that I am less able to shrug them off when tired. We all have silly things that can drive us a bit loopy. The ones I have noticed this week are:

  • Crooked pictures
  • People pronouncing the letter 'h' as 'haitch' and not 'aitch'
  • Jane Horrocks' voice on the Tesco adverts
  • People who stop at the top of escalators and in shop doorways
  • Being held hostage in conversations and not being able to get a word in edge ways
  • Not being able to find things
  • Motorists not using their indicators
  • Motorists not using lanes properly
  • Feeling tired
I am feeling pretty tired quite a bit lately. I think some of it can be attributed to work but not all. I have to go back for a blood test soon to check my thyroxine levels after my thyroid surgery in January (I am on no medication for this at the moment as it is expected that remaining bit of thyroid will compensate). I think they may be down a little as the tiredness is not a good tired from being productive but rather an inner exhaustion or lethargy. It does not feel good. Here's hoping a restful weekend will restore my equilibrium a bit before next weeks onslaught and the big presentation for our new Team Leader that I have to help prepare and give. Wish me luck.


kenju said...

I have noticed that I have been more tired than usual here lately, a fact which might be attributed to my age. I hope that is it. I also hope that you get those levels checked and do something about it, if need be. You are too young to be tired like that.

Sleepypete said...

Sounds like you need someone around who will put in a rescue phone call at a convenient time :-)

On people standing in the way - I noticed while waiting for my sarnies the other day that people would get in the way if at all possible. There'd be a gap where people would be walking through and the next person to order sarnies would go "Ooo - gap ! Me stand there" and then no-one could get past.

Could be in need of a break again - Easter's coming at a convenient time :-) Think I'll be taking advantage of that week to do a recharge :-)

R. Sherman said...

With apologies to you and your degree, I've discovered that most managers feel their sole purpose on the planet is to justify their own existence within the organization. Of course this requires doing something, and/or ordering others to do something. Alas, 9 times out of ten, whatever brilliant idea they are implementing prevents the rest of us from accomplishing any real work.

As for things that tick me off, I hate people who pull in to the drive through ATM and position their vehicles to block both lanes, thereby allowing them to pick the lane which is vacated first. Of course, those of us behind, can't pull in because the lanes are blocked.

As you said, "ARGGGGGGH!"


Bob-kat said...

It would seem us managers are the ones who irritate you Randall :) That said, I know the type you are talking about but happily I cna assure you that we are not all like that and some of us actually are trying to do something!

Nikki-ann said...

I seem to get more and more irritable as I get older... and I'm not yet out of my 20s!

David said...

let me see the teeth marks on your right foot, THEN I will believe!
here from tanya, check your url, the link did not work, ok?

Carmi said...

My threshold drops significantly when I'm tired, too. I feel such empathy for you's precisely the kind of thing that made my years working for Mother Corp so miserable. The place was filled with such characters, all of whom were capable of fomenting insanity.

I know your skills, experience and tenacity will carry you through this week. And next. And...

Tanya sends her best, from one end of the Commonwealth to the other.

Melody said...

You'd hate it here in the UAE then - people don't indicate and they hog the road (and don't even start about parking their cars; they park anywhere including round-abouts! figure that out!!)

Dianne said...

I'm hoping the weekend was restful!

and I'll be crossing my fingers for a good week with less talk from you know who

lately everything irritates me, actually I often annoy myself

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

A little late to drop in, but I've been thinking of you. Being tired like that is horrid; I've been there. They never found a cause for me -- I think it was simple stress.

Comforting thought, huh?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am not a doctor, but....(Don't you love people who start off that way..?? lol)
I personally think you need some Thyroid Replacement Meds.....! Hopefully you will get those blood tests and the resilts, very soon, my dear....!

I KNOW I am more irritable when I am tired or very stressed. Lately---I have both! So I can empathize with you---especially in regards to that "talkative" person....OY!
I think I would waqnt to throttle!
MUCH GOOD LUCK with evrything, my dear Bob-Kat.

rashbre said...

Its good that you can 'self monitor' as you describe. I know its the same when I lose my sense of humour/become snappy with people, and its often fatigue related.

The escalators thing is something else. I relate it to what I call SMOs (Slow Moving Objects) which have to be negotiated when in 'work mode'. The best thing is being able to look ahead and interpret their liklihood to block. Not just on escalators though. Any shopping area in Central London also.

I realise I may drop into SMO mode in some places when I'm a tourist, but it never seems to be such a pace inconvenience as London.

Shephard said...

Oh, I've never heard people pronounce the "h" ... lol. That would annoy!

I love the texture and light value in this photo. Really nice. :)