Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ray of Sunshine

(pic found on web)

I just wanted to thank all of you who have dropped by and left supportive comments and who have sent positive thoughts and prayers for my mother. It appears that they are working. Although the hospital still hasn't been able to find out exactly what is wrong, my mother is much more comfortable. The pain is more under control and she is sat up in bed on her own and is much brighter. She is mostly lucid (apart from just after she has taken her drug cocktail), is eating regularly, and from all accounts is starting to boss people around again so I know she is feeling better.

The doctors think that they should be able to investigate the cause of the pain by the end of the week but for now they are giving her time to stabilise as her muscles were in spasm from the pain. When I spoke to my father I could tell he was happier with how things were going too. This positive turn of events is quite a relief and I will go up and visit her again soon. Keep the positive thoughts coming!


diyadear said...

hey bob-kat,
thats really wondeful news.. i m sure ur relieved now.. take rest and relax :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So glad to read your Mum is a bit better...Now, I hope they can fihure out what is causing the pain...! The thoughts and prayers are still coming, my dear....Hope you can relax a little bit...!

kenju said...

I hope that they can find out what the problem is very soon! It is very good news that she feels better.

R. Sherman said...

Hi, BK.

I've been out of blogging commission and in catching up, I was sorry to read about your mother. I trust things are looking better and she will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Melody said...

Terrific news Bob-Kat. I hope the doctors can find out exactly what's wrong with your mum. I guess that is half the worry right, not knowing... Hope she keeps on improving.

Ps said...

Am so glad to hear that.Hope she feels fully okay real soon.

Carmi said...

I'm praying for your mom, for you, and for your dad. I unfortunately empathize with the role of child-of-an-ill-parent, and it's not one that I particularly relish. It saddens me to to see them at this phase of life, and I wish I could do more to change the harsh reality.

I'm so glad things are starting to turn for the better. If it helps you smile a bit, I chose your caption for this week's Caption This winner. I know I'm a little late. It's been a bit of a crazy time with work and all.

Keep smiling, my friend.

mar said...

Glad to read you mother is starting to boss people around again so I know she is feeling better .LOL! good to know you don't lose your sense of humor!
Hope they can find out soon what caused all the trouble to start with the right treatment.

David said...

whenever possible, rub her arms and legs, its good for circulation and relaxing, plus it just allows love to flow IN.
Massage, very gentle, very effective!

Dachsies Rule said...

Thank you for taking time to update us on your mom. We know you have been very worried on top of everything else you have going on. We are really glad that you had such good news to share. Just know we are thinking of you.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Anonymous said...

That is good news Bobkat!

I will continue praying for your mother's recovery. So glad to hear the pain is lessening.

Nikki-ann said...

I'm glad to hear your Mum is on the mend. I hope the good recovery continues :)