Thursday, November 02, 2006

New York New good they named it twice!

I'm in countdown mode to my holiday now... 17 days to go 'til I fly to New York. I'm getting quite excited as I have wanted to go for some time and just about everyone I know has been and tells me it's fantastic. Of course here in the UK we see so much of it on TV and in films too so that I am told that it is instantly familiar even though you've never been there. I'm going to do so much walking and sightseeing and perhaps a little shopping too :-)

I have a list...

Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
Times Square
Macy's and Bloomingdales
Met Opera (going to see Tosca)
Central Park
Site of the World Trade Centre

I am there for 6 days and I have the feeling that it won't be long enough.

My brother and sister were in NY when 911 took place. I remember that for a time we weren't sure if they were OK and it was such a relief when we found out that they were. You see, they were meant to be flying back that day and were at the airport and for a while we weren't sure if it was their plane. They managed to stay in touch via email as the phone lines were not good for a few days and we managed to get them back a week later. Meanwhile I had to wire them money so they could afford to eat and pay the hotel for the extra week. A few weeks after their return I got a postcard of the World Trade Centre that they had posted the day before which I have kept. I know that day affected other people in far more profound ways than this but that is my personal experience.

Anyway, my brother and sister still sing the praises of NY and both want to go back so I am taking their advice and seeing it for myself and I can't wait. If you have any suggestions of things I should do or see leave me a comment :0)


Katherine said...

Back again from Wendy's! Have a great time and definitely wear comfy shoes. Sounds like you have a great list of things to do and see. That is so eerie about getting the postcard of the WTC. I'm glad your family was OK, I'm sure that was terrifying.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Yes My Dear!
You must see a Broadway Show!!! I would go to the TIX Booth in Times Square where they have Discount Tix and try to see "WICKED"...It is truly wonderful and has the feel of a good old fashioned true Broadway show. Besides MOMA, you might try to go see The Guggenheim...even if you just see the building from the outside...It's FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT...and it is fantastic inside too!
Central Park...Strawberry Fields where there is a big plaque in the ground in tribute to John Lennon.

The Carnegie Delicatesin: A great place to go because it is so New York....there are little Deli's all over New York, but The Carnegie os one of the more famous ones....!There is so much more, but with six days only....I hesitate...Except: Rockerfeller Center...The Ice Skating Rink....the whole complex is an amazing group of buildings that covers 4 or 5 blocks and on rainy days you never have to go outdoors at all to go from one building to another....NBC is one of the buildings; 30 Rock is another, and The International Building is another...

I know you will have a fabulous time, my dear....

How amazing about your family being right there on 9/11, and to get that postcard...I would keep it, too!

Gattina said...

You lucky girl ! You will enjoy it and come back 2 cm shorter ! That was my feeling when I came back, I guess I never walked that much in a town than in NY. (Maybe in London).
Thanks for the comment on my cat blog the main blog is "writer's cramps".

Uisce said...

Hello, Michele sent me! How exciting that you're going to NYC! And you're coming at a great time of year! And very cool you're going to see Tosca at the Met. I love the part at the end where they're eaten by pirates! :)

mar said...

Never been to NY City, only the surroundings so can't give you any tips only this one: have fun! and take pics to share :)

Anonymous said...

I love NY - theres a great little place to have breakfast near PENN Station- on 23rd near Broadway. I think it's called the Oak Tree- it's a Korean place and I was the only white person, the only woman at 9 am and I just told the waitress to feed me. It was fabulous! Have fun wandering.

Katherine said...

Thought of another thing you might like - if you have enough time - Rockefeller Center. Lots of weekends, especially at the end of the year, there will be skating on the rink. Not just by anyone (you can do it, though) but by professionals. Also fun to watch The Today Show - Matt Lauer, Meredith Veira, Al Roker, et al. They film outside at times.

rashbre said...

A great and somewhat daft 'free' thing to do is to go to the Marriott hotel on Times Square and go to the very top floor in the elevator and then press to go to the ground in one of the glass fronted elevators. It is quite an experience because the elevators travel quite fast!

I always try to go to the Whitney gallery and love the area around SoHo. At/around Christmas the Waldorf Astoria is very opulent to wander around inside.