Friday, July 07, 2006

More Tintagel

Well, I am currently sat at home with a cold and feeling a bit miserable [sniff], so I have been looking at my pics of Tintagel again to cheer myself up a bit and to choose which ones I would like to print and put in a photo album. I always think it is nice to have prints as well as ones on my computer. The one above shows what a stunningly gorgeous day it was while I was there and shows the coastal path looking towards Boscastle. The one below was taken from the same place and looks back towards Tintagel castle. You can see the wooden bridge you have to cross to get to the castle and the sandy cove.

The photo below was taken while I was sat among the rocks looking out to sea. I turned to look the other way and in the distnace were a group of tourists who were being mugged for their sandwiches by seagulls. I think the seagulls won! Anyway it made me smile.

The next photo shows the caves in Tintagel cove. The right one is called Merlin's cave in line with the legend of King Arthur. There isn't much tangible evidence to link Tintagel to King Arthur but a recent archeological dig on the site did reveal a dark age settlement and uncovered the so-called 'Arthur Stone'. This is inscribed with the name 'Artognov' which is the Latin form of the celtic name 'Arthnou'. Whether this was the legendary King Arthur is still not clear though. To me it doesn't matter though. I love Tintagel and I love the legend of King Arthur and I am happy for it to remain just that: a legend, and enjoy Tintagel as a wonderful tranquil and beautiful place.


mar said...

If I had had blogs to learn history from - waaaaay back then - I would know a lot more now! wonderful virtual visit, beautiful scenery. Just get well soon!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful, wonderful pictures, obce aqgain! I love that one with the Seagulls attacking the tourists...the one lone little yellow flower---WONDERFUL!
Hope you feel better very very soon.