Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cold blues

I have a cold and I feel miserable I'm afraid. My head aches, my nose is sore and runny, my throat hurts and I am sneezing. Yep, it's a cold. I'm not very good at being poorly so I have attempted to carry on as normal which probably hasn't helped me get better quicker but I get bored very quickly if I am made to stay in bed.

All I can say is thank God for those tissues with the balm coating or my poor nose would be positively glowing! If it was Christmas I would be giving Rudolf a run for his money that is for sure. I am trying to think who might have passed this cold onto me as I have lost my weekend feeling ill and someone should pay!!! Trust me to get a cold at the weekend and not on a work day ;-). Anyway, I am pretty sure I can't pass on my cold virtually so no worries if you are dropping by - unless my computer gets it and computer viruses can be passed on. Right, off to get a big mug of hot chocolate and an early night.


mar said...

Oh, you poor thing! get well soon. Wait, I guess you are doing better since I heard you are going out to see some film tonight... :D

Archangel said...

Awww, poor bob-kat. Keep out of the rain!

Anonymous said...

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