Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The gods of bling have clearly been smiling on me as I recently got to select a piece from the LuShae Jewelry collection and all I needed to do was tell you what I think of it. Now you might think that a freebie may colour my objectivity but I think that would be doing you, me and the seller a disservice. Thankfully, it's not an issue though as I can tell you that I am one happy bunny. I love the piece I chose and I found the whole experience of dealing with LuShae to be pleasant.

White Gold Rhodium Bonded Wreath Pendant with Pave Ruby and Emerald CZ in Silvertone

LuShae offer a wide choice of lovely jewellery pieces, including rings, earrings and pendants. The photographs here are of the piece I chose which is the wreath pendant. It wasn't easy choosing a piece as there were so many pendants to choose from that caught my eye. In the end I chose the wreath pendant as the simple circular design gave it a classic look, that although inspired by Christmas, made it a year round winner for me.

The photographs here are of the actual piece I received. Considering it had come from the other side of the planet, delivery was quite swift and it came well packaged and protected. The pendant came in a lovely blue and cream presentation box which pleased me as I hate it when a lovely piece of jewellery is presented in a cheap box. Luckily LuShae don't cut corners here.

I was very pleased with the pendant itself and have been wearing it for a couple of weeks or so now and so far it has received many compliments. It lives up to the quality promised and quite frankly the only niggle I have is that the Emerald and Ruby CZ really doesn't show up as well as it does in the picture on the website which was a little disappointing. That said this is still a great piece and one I will be wearing for quite a while. It's nice when you can safely recommend a company based on quality service and product.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm jealous! People don't drop in and offer ME free things.

Well, maybe they do and I delete their mail as spam. That's something I would do.

kenju said...

It appears to be good quality. I seldom wear necklaces, but that one is nice.

R. Sherman said...

I'm glad to see you're still around. Maybe we, your devoted readers, should start sending you more stuff to review on your blog.

Old socks, for instance, or my son's math homework.



Bob-kat said...

Randall - I'm still around but haven't been well and now have a migraine that's on day 4. I keep saying I'll blog more tomorrow but at first I was busy with revision and then I just plain haven't had the energy. I will try and visit all my blog friends very soon though.

Thanks for stopping by though. I appreciate all of you that do.

Sleepypete said...

Definitely bling ! :-)

Putting stuff on blog - I wouldn't worry about it. Blogger block can be tough to nut through, especially if the head is sore already. A subject will be hovering nebulously just out of reach but will still tempt with "I know there's a blog post in here somewhere ..."

Feel better soon :-)

bodaat said...

very pretty! congrats on your freebie!

rashbre said...

It looks great and also quite tactile.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is really BEAUTIFUL, my dear....And I love seeing it in "close-up"....You did good!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just read what you said to Randall...I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well, B-K....I hope you are better than when you mentioned that awful Headache to him...! Take Good Care, My Dear, please.

Dianne said...

that's beautiful!!