Friday, January 16, 2009

'D' meme

Todays post is bought to you by the letter 'D'. I always quite liked word games and word play, and while this isn't strictly either it is a meme based on words, based on an assigned letter. I happened across it on one of my regular jaunts to 'Imagine' where the delightful Kenju had just been assigned the task of completing this meme using the letter 'M'. It's deliciously simple too. If you would like to play along simply ask me for a letter and then list as many or few words starting with that letter that mean something to you and say why.

Kenju gave me 'D' which perplexed me at first. A lot of words beginning with 'D' have negative connotations. Flicking through my dictionary it was all 'dis' this and 'dis' that. I was at first a little dismayed and disillusioned (see what I mean?) but only for a split second as I love a challenge. Heck, if it was easy there would be no fun. This is what I came up with:

December ~ This is a month I always love. I always had wonderful Christmas's as a child and the joy and warmth of them has always stayed with me. I love giving gifts, and of course receiving them. I love the whole anticipation of the advent period. People are perhaps a little nicer to each other and I just wish this goodwill could last all year (yes, I can be so naive). Is it really that hard to say please and thank you and to hold a door for someone the rest of the year too?

Degree ~ I have one! In fact I have two as I got my Masters Degree too. My first degree was a BSc in Psychology and I swore at the time that that was it for me and exams, then five years ago I started studying part-time for my MBA. I passed it last year and because of all the crap going on in my life it is only just coming home to me now that I did it. I guess I needed space in my head to notice my achievement (if that makes any sense). I actually attend my graduation ceremony this May. Why shouldn't I have a bit of pomp and ceremony?

Demonstrative ~ Something I'm not unless I know you well. I know I'm European but we don't all go round kissing each others cheeks. I'm British don'tcha know thankyouverymuch. I have also never been one for grand gestures either. It's the little things in life that count to me. Letting someone know they are appreciated, saying thank you, sending a cheer up text when you know someone is down, a genuine offer of help, a compliment, a phone call or email, a card on someone's birthday or just taking the time to listen to someone. These are all things I appreciate and which I try to bestow on those I love. I can do the grand gestures too, the big presents etc. but for me at least, it's the little things that say 'I care'.

Doctor ~ I've seen a lot of these over the last 3 years. First I had Fibroids which I needed surgery for (twice) and lately I have had thyroid surgery. Add into the mix three chest infections this last year (one bout I got a secondary infection and it lasted 6 weeks!) then I should have frequent flyer miles. Needless to say, I'm hoping my future will involve far less doctors than of late, though first I have to find out what Hector (the thyroid lump) was and if I need more treatment.

Diet ~ Something I was constantly on from my mid teens all the way through my twenties. Dieting formed an unhealthy relationship with food and since then I have come to understand that it's more important to eat properly and to exercise.

Divorce ~ A very messy time of my life which left me hurt and bewildered. I still don't know how you can be with someone for 14 years and not know how awful they can be. Divorce is far more than the break-up of a marriage and the division of assets. It's about loss. The loss of things you previously believed in, the loss of your stability and security and the loss of friends. It's also about a new beginning though.

Doll ~ I Hated them! I was (apparently, as I do not recall) bought a beautiful doll for Christmas when I was about 2 years old by an aunt. To this aunts horror, I unwrapped the gift, opened the box and grasping the doll by the leg, flung it over my shoulder and proceeded to play with the box it came in until it fell apart. I never caught the Barbie bug and much preferred my Lego, or to draw, paint and read. I loved my Teddy though.

Donate ~ I'm not one to harp on about what I do for charitable causes. There are many people out there who do far more than me but I like to think I do my bit. I have long supported some charitable causes of my choice through regular donations via direct debit. They can always count on my money turning up every month which (along with other donations) helps them plan projects far more effectively. I also support Operation Christmas Child which sends shoe boxes full of small gifts to underprivileged children. I co-ordinate this for the team at work and this last Christmas we sent 28 boxes. It feels good to help.

Drama ~ Throughout my twenties I worked in the theatre business doing Stage Management and Lighting (and some Sound). It was without a shadow of a doubt the best of times and the worse of times. I started by doing voluntary work with a Youth Music Theatre group and ended up getting my Equity card. My first show was 'Maggie May' by Lionel Bart and my first professional show was 'Singing in the Rain'. Since then I have toured and worked such wonderful shows as 'Fame', 'Les Mis', 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Buddy', 'Evita', many operas and ballets and so many more. It opened me up to many things I would never have otherwise seen, both on stage and off!

And finally:

Discombobulate ~ A state I sometimes find myself in and a favourite word of mine.

I am now Done! If you would like to have a go simply tell me in the comments and I will assign you a letter (or you could pick a letter yourself but blogging is all about the interaction for me). Easy peasy lemon squeazy right?

Health update: I will be back at work on Monday but have arranged to do shorter days building up to full days with some working from home. The wound is healing nicely :) Thanks again for all the well wishes. I really have appreciated your thoughts. Thank you.

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craziequeen said...

Hey Sweetie - it's Saturday after a long week at work..

No surprises in this post - guess I do know you quite well after all!

OK, I trust you - gimme a letter!



kenju said...

Bob-kat, you've done a great job with your letter! You were able to skirt around the negative words so nicely. I so agree with you about 'demonstrative', and I am the same way. No grand gestures here, the little things say it better.

It is too bad you live across the pond. I think we would get on very well.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

D does have a few D-pressing words, doesn't it?

NetChick sent me here.

pink dogwood said...

cool post - learned a lot about you. Glad yo hear that you are doing better :) My younger daughter did the same thing when she was 2 one christmas - she threw the toy (don't remember what it was) and played with the box and the wrapping paper rest of the morning :)

d.challener roe said...

Very entertaining. Glad to hear you healing nicely.

NetChick sent me...

mw said...

Wow, talk about ace'ing a challenge. I'm really impressed with the story you've told with your letter - I like the things you've chosen to reveal about yourself. Very cool, and I appreciate the little details...

Here from Tanya

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well Done, my dear! I LOVE these....and you write so well, B-K....I think you should do another letter, too....! (lol)
Kenju gave me a "B"....! I'm finding I don't really know how to write just a little! So, my first one only covers ONE WORD....Oh Well, I hope it will mean that people will come back to read the rest of the 9 words! HA!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hey "dachsies" starts with D! You didn't mention them.

If you had a letter for us, what would it be?

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

rashbre said...

Delighted dat de delicate dings done do develop directly dowards definitely desirable disposition.

devotedly, drashbre

Nikki-ann said...

Very well done! Marked D for Distinquished or Distinction! :)

David said...

day is done
done the dinner
done with email
down the mountain

be well friend keep a happy thought

David said...

here from tanya -Netchick sent me

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hey Bobkat!

We did our S entry. Come see what we had to say.
Thanks for the letter!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I wanted to come back and say that I laughed at your "DOLL" paragraph, for two reasons...One, it is terribly terribly funny...And two, I was not a doll person either...Teddy's? Oh Yes....!
I LOVE that you played with The Box...LOL...I'd love to have seen your Aunt's face when you tossed the doll over your shoulder.....Like you, I enjoyed 'creating' more than playing with toys, as such....

Dianne said...

How fantastic! Love your take on 'D'

and really love the word discombobulate!!

PI said...

Sorry Bob-kat I've missed your trauma. You must be so relieved it is all over and hopefully your health will take a turn for the better now.
Over the last months you have had a lot of difficulties and have been struggling, and this all takes a toll on one's health. My best wishes and prayers for a complete recovery and a happy 2009

lulu said...

Bob-kat the word discombobulate brought back a great memory. It's a fabulous word. One year I had one of those word-a-day calendars. I picked up on discombobulate and used it every chance I could. My dear Danish friend also liked it and did the same. It always made us laugh. She has since died.....but I laughed to myself when I saw it and it really brings back fond memories. Take care and God Bless.

Bob-kat said...


It's a wonderful word isn't it? I'm so glad it bought back good memories for you. Take care.