Friday, February 01, 2008

If only I didn't actually have to be there

I haven't been around much in blog land lately so I really must apologise for my tardiness in visiting and posting. Real life has been getting in the way of blogging, and well having fun in general, though I did go to the cinema with CrazieQueen to see Sweeney Todd which I thoroughly enjoyed. All work and no play makes Bobkat a dull girl, and I am seriously losing my shine.

Life is so short that it seems odd to wish your life away but I simply cannot wait until February is over. My boss is not going to retun to work until at least March so I will have to continue doing two jobs for now - I have two projects due to deliver this month, a big presentation to give to 120 delegates next week and a working group to co-ordinate and run on top of all the day to day stuff. It wouldn't be so bad if the big bosses still didn't expect everything to be delivered despite our team being down by 50% (my colleague is still working part time). Yes, I have met with them, yes, they have listened to my position, heard my options for working, nodded sagely and then proceeeded to pile on the pressure...[sigh]. There is very little in terms of extra resources and so I feel I am definitely one of 'The Willing' mentioned in the quote.

I also have my MBA final project to do by the end of the month and I am starting to panic. You see, it is meant to be work based but work have not been very supportive and so I am having to wing it. To tell you the truth I am feeling just an ickle tiny weeny bit stressed. I know this is all a challenge and if it doesn't kill me it will make me stronger etc., but, do I really have to be there?

Which is why receiving another 'Roar for Powerful Words' award was so nice to get. Susan over at 'West of Mars' passed it on to me and coming from such a talented writer as her, and a fellow rock chick it was a huge, and well needed compliment. Thanks! Follow the links (in bold) to visit Susan or the origin of the award at 'The Shameless Lions Writing Circle'. I have already passed this award on to other bloggers *here*.

During February please bear with me while I weather the storm. I suspect my visits and posts will be sporadic but I will pop by when I can.


kenju said...

Bob-kat, try not to work too hard, and we will see you when you return.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'd rather have you refreshed and at the top of your game, darling.

Go see a band play live. Sounds like you need it.

R. Sherman said...

Been there; done that; got the T-shirt.

I, too, feel the proverbial one-legged man at an arse-kicking contest.

Stay sane and we'll see you when we see you.


Sarch said...

BK I feel your pain my friend. Have lived it myself.

You're smart, tough and resilient. Isn't it good to know that you WILL come out on the other side.

Come when you can...we'll be here.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, I do understand my dear...Though I have a post up from Jan. 3oth that I Soooo want you to see....Well, you will see it when you can!
I am so happy that you got out to a movie with the wonderful CQ...And I so want to see "SWEENEY:...Hoping a friend will share the "FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION DVD with me...
You knoe how much I LOVE Sondheim...And I Adore, Adore, Adore, Mr. Depp! (YUMMM, in every way....!
Do take care, my dear Bob-Kat, and give dear Bob a Big Big Hug from me and Mr. Sweetie....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

B-K, I am concerned about you and this month STILL Ahead....! It sounds truly daunting, my dear....! I dearly hope you do not over extend yourself, though it sounds like it cannot be helped! Well, do take good care, if you can, my dear....! (And sneak out occassionally for a film or two....)

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Take care of yourself, Bobcat. I have been dealing with similar problems since August (too much work; not enough staff). I don't see an end is sight so today I am off for an interview. Do what you need to do to for yourself. Remember that the pressure comes from you. If they really want it perfect, they would assign more resources.

The Dachsies' Mom

Dianne said...

Oh the circle of the OverWorked and OverWhelmed widens!

I haven't had a day off in longer than I can count - since I'm too tired to count.

I walk around my yard at least once a day. At night I howl at the moon - it's quite a release ;)

I also play very loud rock music and dance like a loon. It helps with the long hours at a computer buried in a data file from hell.

Hang on - there is always light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes it is NOT the oncoming train.

Carmi said...

I think the truly good among us are tested just a little bit more than everybody else. You're more than up to the challenge.

Dropped by from Michele's on this not-so-quiet Sunday to let you know you're not alone in this.

Keeping you in my thoughts...

Chrissea said...

I too have done 2 jobs for the past 16 days (without a day off) and I totally feel your pain!
Hang in there - here from Michele's!

Melody said...

Wow - you're busy. Put this blog on the back burner and visit us when you have time. We understand. Just make sure you find a little time for yourself at some point...