Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meme and you.

Smiler (From Smiler with love), has tagged me with a meme that has had my brain ticking over. You see, the meme is about blogging and asks me to: “Answer the following question: “What do you expect from your blog?” Try to be as specific as possible. Avoid warm-fuzzy answers unless that really is your thing.”

Well, warm-fuzzy is not usually my thing, but I'm afraid this might err on the side of warm and perhaps some slight fuzziness. I am currently approaching my 200th post on this blog and the truth is I really couldn't say why I blog or what I expect from it, or actually to be precise I don't have a single clear reason. There have been times when I have thought about stopping blogging; times when 'real life' has been too hectic or stressful and blogging has been another thing on a list of things demanding my attention. Yet, I have carried on and so it evidently is something I value. If I value something then I must either want something from the experience or it is serving some purpose and it therefore follows that I have expectations, even if they are not explicit, even to me. Seeing as Smiler asked so nicely, I dug around in the recesses of my mind and came up with the following:

1. Somewhere to express myself: When I started to blog, it was when my marriage was breaking up and yet that was something I did not blog about. Even to this day, I do not blog much about deeply personal things on the whole. I think it's because I live my 'real life' all the time and my blog is somewhere where this can largely be left behind. I can use it as
a filter to share the less mundane parts of my life. The parts like my days out, my photography, things I find funny and interesting, general thoughts. I can leave work and all my other trials and tribulations the other side of the screen and use my posts to filter out something I hope others enjoy sharing with me.

2. To connect with others: Having said I don't post about personal things, sometimes real life can be all consuming and it does leak onto my blog from time to time and I have been more comfortable doing this knowing I have some blog friends out there who visit me regularly and are supportive. They offer kind words and comfort without ever having met me. I find this amazing and very much life affirming.

3. To be a safe place to be creative: I have found my blog to increasingly be a great place to post the photographs I take. I'm no photographer, but I love taking pictures and sharing what I see through the lens through my photos. If someone likes my pictures it gives me a great boost. Photography is important to me, it is a creative part of my life that is an antidote to my work and to my studying. I expect my blog to be somewhere I can share it.

To interact and network: Finally, I blog because I have come to enjoy the interaction with fellow bloggers and other visitors to my blog. I like reading the comments, value the feedback, and I like returning the visits. As time has gone on I love the fact that I have blog friends from far away countries that I would never otherwise have got the chance to 'meet'. So, the networking aspect of blogging is something I truly appreciate about my blog.

On this note, while visiting over at 'Musings from the Hinterland' I found out that apparently it is 'National Blog De-lurking Week', (yes, I know I am a little late but there is
plenty of week left), which is a time for Klingons to de-cloak, rabbits to jump out of hats, mirages to become real and for whoever is lurking in the shadow of my blog to say hello. I guess what I am really saying is "Is anyone out there"? If you are a lurker here then it would be great if you would leave a comment and say hi. In return I would like to thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read my rambling thoughts, and that goes equally to my non-lurking blog friends :) You are always welcome.

If anyone wants to do the meme then I would love to read your answers to the question. I'm not tagging anyone so juts let me know in the comments and I will come over and take a look!


kenju said...

Good meme! If I did it - there's not much that I could say that would be different from your reasons.

R. Sherman said...

Good answers. Like Kenju, I'd probably appropriate your answers, adding only that for me, a blog was a place to stash random thoughts which never seemed to escape during conversations with real live humans.


Smiler said...

Very good answers! Do you know I learned a lot from your answers today. It's funny but I have a sort of admiration for people who are able to compartmentalize their life the way you do for instance in not talking about "real" life and only bringing up things you enjoy. Originally that's what I had in mind for my blog but by post #2 or 3 or something, there I was spilling out my guts, more or less. What really surprised me is how many people still don't get what blogging is about, at least conceptually. I also don't really get lurkers. I mean I've visited sites and not left comments but on the whole I try to leave as often as possible.

Now Bob-Kat, because I consider you a friend I'm going to allow myself to mention something I didn't dare say before - I find there isn't enough contrast between your type and the background which makes it a bit difficult to read. If you made the type white or as pale as possible it would be very helpful. If you especially like the color you type is in now, I'm sure you can find ways to work it in somewhere. I hope I'm not trespassing a blogging rule ("though shall not comment on a fellow blogger's template!") and if so, my apologies, and I hope you won't hold it against me. There. I feel all better now that I've gotten it off my chest. :-)

It's very nice getting to know you and I certainly enjoy your comments at my place, they always lift my spirits.

Smiler said...

I'm such a dunce! of course you use different type colors but the main thing is... contrast (the pale yellow is an easier read along with the white).

K. I'll shut up now. I really do leave very long comments sometimes, don't I? lol

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog today BK. I really enjoyed reading your answers.

Your comment about continuing to blog even though there are times when life gets whacky and you consider not posting any longer sort of hits home with me. The older I get the more I value ballance in my life. I find that there are times where the creative juices and the desire to communicate (outside of work and homelife) are non-existent. I find it a great relief that I can post when the desire is there....lurk my friends blogs but not post on my own when the desire is missing...then post again when the urge returns. And there my online friends (like you)are with a kind word and an online smile. I guess one of the reasons I blog are because of folks like you.

Anonymous said...

BTW...I meant to mention in response to your question on my last blog.

Tag renewals are a yearly fee we here in the States pay for the privelege of driving on the public roads. The money is supposed to help keep the highway systems in good maintenance. In the state of Alabama where I live the fee is based on the value of your vehicle and it can get quite expensive.

Melody said...

Interesting Meme. We all have similar reason to blog don't we? I'm glad I found you way beack when?? *heehee* I love visitng your blog. You're like an old friend.

rashbre said...

They are good answers and have some similarity with my own thoughts, even the bit about photographs. I may have a go at this some time, but it will need to be when I'm through my current busy project and have more tranquil thinking time!

I think we've swapped words around it before, but I also have some personal rules about what I will and won't blog and the biggest exclusion is anything direct about my work. (travel and 'off duty' moments get a mention however)

Some folk do lots about fam and friends, but I also manage that somewhat so readers may get an impression of 'rashbre' but without the finer detail.

Keep on doing what you do!

Smiles from rashbre

rashbre said...

...oh and liking the headline 'meme and you'. good to get ones that are amusing/thought provoking.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Love your answers Bob-Kat....I did one similar to this a very long time ago, and I think I said some very similar things to you....The creative outlet and the "fellowship: are probably the two most important things about blogging for me. Like you, I have met so very many wonderful people, like you, through this amazing phenoenom called "BLOGGING"....And what a gift this is!

David said...

good day to you

I am writing again

Shephard said...

Does anyone ever de-lurk?
In 3 years, I've only had a couple people step out of the shadows.

Great answers. I connected with them all. :)
Happy 200 posts.

moon said...

I have to agree with others, my answers would echo yours..with this meme...I do find it fascinating how we have connected with ppl from all over this planet though blogging...it's so cool, and more reason to continue blogging...Hope you are feeling better btw..

Carmi said...

I saw a lot of me in your responses to this fascinating meme. That tricky how-personal-do-I-get balance is always a tough one to meter, and I've always admired you for doing it so well.

I love the feeling of community that we get from doing this. I can't imagine what life was like before I got to know all of you fascinating, inspiring folks.

Michele sent me to visit you at this ungodly (for me...it's 4:39 a.m.) hour. She knew I needed to be introspective. Smart, smart person she is!

Bud said...

I'm not sure why I blog either--but I'm having fun doing it...guess that is reason enough. And thanks for your support of my current effort.

Anonymous said...

All the things that a good blog is made of.

Michele sent me over to say hi.

Anonymous said...

wow very interesting meme. I learned a lot and its only my 2nd visit here. Michele sent me

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele sent me!
That is a great meme!
Unlike you, I DO let it all hang out sometimes which is not always a good thing. I really like your answers.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

just wantd to let you know that the answer to your question is up over at my place if you want to go check it out.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hey, we don't really lurk since we have left comments often but we have been more lurk-y lately. Mom has been busy with work and now she is sick so she doesn't always have something to leave as a comment. You did make Mom wonder why she is blogging. We will have to think about that one ...

Roxie, Sammy & Andy