Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spearheading Cannes

I like to spend my spare time wisely. I work full-time and am studying for my Masters Degree so time for myself is precious. Whenever possible I like to get out and about and visit places but I also have a couple of interests. One of them is working with a small independent film company called Spearhead Films who are based in South Wales. So far they have completed two feature films and they have recently signed their second feature film, 'Pax Imperium, War on Terror', with a distributor. This is not bad going for a small self-financed film company!

I used to work in theatre as a lighting technician and stage manager, and now I work as a project manager so I have bought these skills to Spearhead Films. I basically work for them as a Production Assistant and I am also training with their camera to actually shoot footage. This is quite a challenge and is quite different from still photography. There is also a world of new language to get to grips with (pun intended!). Anyway, 'Pax' is being taken to the Cannes Film Festival by the distributor and a new trailer has been put together for the occassion which you can watch below.

Anyway, let me tell you a bit about their latest film. Pax Imperium, War on Terror portrays a futuristic dystopian society and the rebels that fight against that system. The story is set in a fictional metropolis and centres on the capture and interrogation of the prime suspect in a high profile murder case. The story centres on a man who awakes in a car park with no memory of whom he is or what has happened to him. He must piece together whatever information he can to make sense of what is going on. Meanwhile, the security forces in the shape of the ATU (Anti Terrorist Unit), are trying to solve the murder of a leading media mogul linked to state propaganda.

The directors specifically chose a topic that was 'of it's time'
with the Western World in a state of war against terrorism and the possible infringement of civil liberties at home - just look at Blair's nanny state for example. They have attempted to tackle the motivation of those who fight against authority, the struggle faced by security personnel and the ongoing fight to uncover who in this time of crisis, the enemy really is. The film was shot and put together in just over 6 months with a budget of a mere £20,000. This meant that many of the people working on the film give their time freely. The actors and the crew were mostly locally based in South Wales and England.

Fingers crossed that the film does well at Cannes! Have a look and let me know what you think as the directors always welcome honest feedback.


Irish Church Lady :) said...

It's not my type of movie, but very topical for the times we live in.

How cool is it that you work on that stuff?!

I hope it does well at Cannes, for the simple reasons that you describe.


P.S. I am a PM too!

craziequeen said...

I can hear the welsh accents :-)

Good luck to Spearhead in Cannes

Michele sent me this time, sweetie

utenzi said...

I can't believe that a movie with those high production values has been put together for under $50,000, B-K. Is it really short in length? I was quite impressed with the editing and look of the clip. How strongly were you involved in this project? It looks great.

Michele sent me, B-K.

Sarch said...

This has the look of a film that I would take the time to watch. I'd like to know more about where you fit in to the film making. Were you there as they shot footage or are you more of a support roll?

By the way bobkat your site is looking fantastic. I REALLY like the photo on your main page and the whole "feel" of your blog.

My apologies for taking so long to make it from Michelle's this afternoon. I got called away after I "greeted" you and am just now able to sit down and blog a bit. So....Michelle sent me but you know I can't stay away from your blog anyway :)

Sarch said...

By the way Bobkat, I realize you mentioned being a Production Assistant for this film. I am just endlessly curious about how things like this work.

Ps said...

wow.What you do sounds really interesting.The clip you posted looked very 'well-put-together'. But to know if i would find it interesting or not, I guess I'll have to watch more.

Archangel said...

Hi all. The film is a full length feature film, 95 minutes long and was shot on HDV format. HDV uses standard the standard DV format but squeezes on a higher resolution (1080i). The budget may be small but that was all self funded so every penny was carefully spent.

Bob-kat said...

To answer the questions raised so far - I joined Spearhead Films after the shooting of this film but I have been involved in post production work for it which has been mainly PR related. The company is now heavily involved in pre-production work for two films with one being a long-term project with the other due to be shot this year. I love photography so it is great to be given the opportunity to do learn motion camera work. It's quite a challenge! As the company is very small, then people take on multiple roles so a Production Assistant can end up doing almost anything so my organisation skills and theatre experience can come in handy.

kenju said...

That sounds like fascinating work. The movie is not something I would be inclined to watch, although the trailer is well done.

kross-eyed kitty said...

You are a busy lady!!!
I think the movie looks quite interesting. I like futuristic movies that have a lot of action in them. The trailer is definitely very well put together, I'd be curious to see the film.
Good luck at Cannes!

mar said...

It's not the kind of movie I would watch but I found this trailer very cleverly put together. "Pax Imperium" sounds like a winner, hope it does well at Cannes!
It seems you put your heart and soul in whatever you participate!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm not an Action Packed Film Devotee---and I am finding it more and more difficult to see films that are filled with fear and violence....I guess we hear so much about the War On Terror from this administration here in the U.S. that the idea of going to se a film about it---no matter that it is supposed to take place in the future---just doesn't appeal to me personally.
Having said that...this trailer certainly makes the film look interesting....I LOVE the HUGE epilets on the futurist uniforms...
I wish them and the film all good things in Cannes....I hope it "sells" is amazing that anyone can make a film today for so little money, B-K. Even 40 years ago, that was a tiny tiny budget, or what we used to call a "low budget" film...I congratulate them and you....It has to be wonderful to be working with creative people AND learning about cinematography, too!

Claire said...

I have to say I like the look of it...and I've definitely heard of Spearhead films. I'm really into independent film though so likely I've seen something they've done!

Good luck to them in Cannes!

Katherine said...

Very cool! I like all that deep intrigue stuff a la Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, etc. Of course, it helps to have some hot good guy like Matt Damon playing the lead role... good luck!

carli said...

can't really tell much from the preview, but good luck with it!
Here from M.