Friday, June 02, 2006

Czech this out some more

I thought I would share some more pics I took of Prague as it is such a picturesque city. The photo above was taken on Charles bridge. It shows one of the statues of the saints that line either side of it with old Prague in the background.

This pic was taken on the walk to visit Prague castle (pic on the previous post) and shows St Nicholas church at the top of the road.

I thought the Old Town Square was a fantastic place to chill out and this is it in the evening. It was always a bustling and vibrant place and surrounded by fantastic buildings.

This is a view from the old Town Hall Tower and shows some of the ornate architecture. Many buildings have balconys, statures, frescoes and mouldings. Hopefully this gives you an insight into how rich this place is in architecture, history and culture. I recommend it!


Aginoth said...

Lovely shots.

Prague is high up on my places to go visit list..just waiting for the kids to be old enough to appreciate it.

Otto K. said...

I have wanted to go to Prague for some time now. Wendy directed me here again. :-)

Carmen said...

I would like to go to Prague, well, anywhere in Europe is good. :) I have a friend visiting there in October, so I'll hear even more about it.

Back from Wendy's. :)