Sunday, January 02, 2011

I resolve...

There comes a point when enough is enough. I have been at that point for some time. Somewhat like a saucepan of milk approaching the boil and it is time to take action before the stove top needs a damn good scrub. No-one likes burnt on milk and you wouldn't want me to reach boiling point. Think Godzilla on the rampage in a large city. Not pretty.

So, time for action. It's not going to be easy but I want my body back. I want to feel good again. Hell, right now I would settle for alert and energetic. I want to fit back into some of my own clothes which are taking up cupboard space but I can't bring to throw away as what I am now,
is not me. I am sick of wearing whatever I can find that fits and want to wear clothes that I like again.

Most of all, I want to reclaim my self confidence. It's hard to feel good about yourself when you get messages all the time about how worthless you are judged to be by your peers.
It's sad but true, when you are overweight people assume that it's because you have no self discipline. After all, if you didn't just sit on your huge behind and eat chips, doughnuts and chocolate all the time you'd be thin right? If only it was that simple. For a start if is hard to fit in exercise when you do a demanding desk job and are grappling with a fledgling proto-business on the side. And that is before you factor in chores. The real problem for me though is hormones. Hypothyroidism means weigh gain no matter what I eat and a lack of energy which goes so much deeper than normal tiredness.

It's also hard to find sporting clothing to fit. I am having so much trouble finding suitable togs that I would feel comfortable wearing to a gym, let alone a sports bra, which believe me is paramount unless a want two black eyes!
However, despite all this, I am going to reclaim my health, my body and my life. It's been on hold now far too long. It's time I made me a priority again. As I said, enough is enough. This isn't a new years resolution. This is a promise to myself. It is not going to be easy so I'm going to need a lot of support. It's either that or Godzilla!

And finally, A Happy New Year to all my blog friends. Your tenacity at bearing with my variable blog habits remains deeply appreciated by me.


Kathryn said...

I got behind on Christmas time blogs. I love the pic of your tree!

I totally and completely understand the frustration with weight and energy. But i have to admit, if you know that your thyroid is the issue, are you setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration by being determined to lose weight?

The doc i've been working with put me on a diet that was extremely restrictive. We were NOT doing this for weight loss, but to help with my energy level. However, because it was so restrictive and i was in-taking so few calories, i hoped that i would lose weight, too. I stayed on that extremely restrictive diet for 5 weeks and lost not a single pound. Then the holidays came. I need to return closely to that, but it is hard.

Good luck with this, dear. I'm not trying to be a downer. I want to be supportive. But i also hope that your goal/desire isn't unrealistic with your medical issues, because that could short circuit all your hard efforts.

Blessings and happy New Year!

bunnygirl said...

All great changes happen when one is ready and not a moment before.

One thing you could try that would be easy and relatively cheap would be to buy some weights and a video on how to use them, if you haven't done weight workouts before.

Female muscle doesn't bulk up without the help of steroids, but getting stronger will boost your metabolism and make you stronger so you'll have more energy. You can do a weight workout right in your own living room, too. No workout clothes required!

Good luck to you, and remember that you're starting from zero, which means anything you do will help, even if it's only five minutes of hopping around to your favorite song. Stay consistent and soon you won't want to stop at five minutes, or ten, or... :-)

R. Sherman said...

Best wishes in your quest. My sister-in-law in Germany is struggling with the same problem(s) and its extraordinarily difficult but doable. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


srp said...

I try not to make resolutions as I usually break them by January 2nd. But this is always a good goal, none the less. Happy New Years!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You know I've got your back. And a bra for you -- try Title 9 Sports. Okay, you'll have to spend your own money, but it'll be money well spent, right?

Go get 'em, babe.

Sleepypete said...

I know what you mean with the weight thing - I'm currently about half a stone heavier than a strong me would be and at least 2 stone heavier than the current puny armed me should be ...

I managed to run around quick with cricket last year but it would be good to not have the spare tyre ballast slowing me down :-)

Melody said...

Good luck with your resolution - I'm positive you'll do well. =)

David said...

resolve. yours and mine.
good health is worth the extra effort.
see you in a few months and we will be feeling much more fit

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BRAVA to you my dear...For wanting to re-claim yourself! I am with you 150%!! And I wish you all the luck in the world in this endevor!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, My Dear Bob-Kat...May this be the Best Year, EVER!!!!

rashbre said...

Happy New Year and Happy Resolutions.

I won't make any to save my shame of breaking them a day later. We still have mince pies in the house, for example.

Loving the scales in your illustration. It's almost a project.

Here's to a great year ahead!

Bob-kat said...

Thanks all for your support and words of encouragement. I *know* this will not be easy, especially due to my hypothyroidism but I absolutely have to do something to get fitter. Thinner will hopefully follow. I actually started before Christmas and I can see improvement already - it's not so much a resolution as a promise to myself as it is in fact a necessity.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank you, my dear B-K for your kind and caring words today....Life is hard and sometimes death is even harder. It is true Morris has left an enormous imprint and legacy on me and so very many other people. His work will live on as long as there are people who can see and be touched by his sensitivity and Genius. Still, it is so very sad that he is gone.
I dearly appreciate your words, my dear--more than I can say.

Dianne said...

wow do I get it!
I have gained a considerable amount of weight since I hurt my ankle and all the mobility issues started
and the sad part is that I really don't eat a lot, I just eat all the wrong things at the wrong time

I wish you so much luck on your new journey
One day at a time and always be good to yourself and think the best of and for yourself
You deserve the best

Mar said...

Good luck with your resolution for 2011! Happy New Year to you a bit late... Real life has kept me very busy lately...