Friday, August 20, 2010

Cone of Shame

Poor little Sammy has had the cone of shame on for a few days now and is not at all happy with his new look. The problem started around 3 weeks ago when a couple of small bare patches of skin on the back of his lower leg started to bleed. A lot. I'm not kidding when I say that it looked like small animals had been sacrificed on my lounge rug and landing carpet. One trip to the vets, a course of antibiotics and steroids and a cone and he seemed to get better. However, last weekend the bleeding started again. He had worked out how to get round his old cone and so that was useless in stopping him from licking his leg and so it was back to the vet. We have more antibiotics, more steroids and a bigger cone, much to Sammy's chagrin.

The cone is transparent so at least Max can't ambush him anymore, but poor Sam doesn't understand and often asks me to take it off. He can't wash and so Max has been helping (but then lost the plot and washed the cone) and I have some moist grooming wipes.I'm really hoping this works as his poor leg is a mess. On top of that my stair and landing carpet is ruined and I dare not replace it until he's better.

The photos are a couple of recent snaps (pre-back leg issues) of my boys. I am still working long hours at work for someone who doesn't know their derriere from their arm joint and thinks Leadership is doing what they want. It's demoralising and stressful. I hope life is treating you well though.


Dianne said...

you know, I have come to the conclusion - through experience - that most corporations are evil or at the very least dysfunctional
so don't let it get you down

poor Sammy, I hope he heals quickly and permanently
I don't mean to laugh but the image of sweet Max grooming the cone is too funny

Hugs to all

srp said...

I hope they can get to the bottom of the problem. Here it is the opposite. Willow has become so rotund, she has a hard time reaching all those places she should groom. So I have to do it. It is time for another bath... she is fine... Nicky is a TERROR.

Kathryn said...

Poor guy. Hope he is better soon.

Linda said...

poor sammy...I do hope he gets better.

And I had to laugh at your eloquent and polite way of saying "arse from elbow"...must remember that!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Poor little guy...We are both going through hard times with our little loved ones...! I did smile at your description of Max washing the cone.....! Cats are so very dear and special, and unique, too...
I hope Sammy gets better and better, very quickly and that cone can come off, for good! I know Sammy hopes so too.
Glad you came by for a visit, my dear...The Blog world certainly has changed, hasn't it? But, that is life, too, isn't it?
Hugs to you & yours, my dear B-K.

Nikki-ann said...

Sorry to hear about Sammy. I hope it all clears up soon. However, I did have to chuckle when you said about Max even washing the cone! :D

R. Sherman said...

My dad always liked cats, though mom hated them and demanded they stay outside. That was fine with dad, as he felt cats kept the vermin away from the house, which was true. They were always catching something and he would take them to the vet for treatment, including the occasional cone of shame.

Geez, they hated those things.

Sorry about your bleeding issues, but thanks for bringing back a memory.


kenju said...

Beautiful shots of gorgeous cats. The top one seems to be, I do9n't like this one bit and you'd better do something about it! NOW!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I dearly hope that Sammy is better than he was, my dear....Iy has to be hard on him as well as you....!
Do let us know.....Hugs From Sweetie & Me!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sorry to read that Sammy is doing so poorly....It sounds like they haven't been able to cure his leg very well...Poor little guy. I understand him being depressed. I pray things will turn around very soon for him....! The stress has to be really difficult. I know, from Sweetie. We both send our love and Big Hugs (((((HUGS)))))

Dianne said...

I saw your comment over at old old lady of the hill's place about Sammy not feeling any better
I'm so sorry
It's awful that he's getting depressed and they can't find the reason
hang in there
if only they could speak
I'm sending out good thoughts and lots of love to you and Sammy and Max

Carmi said...

Sounds like your leader and my now-former leader went to the same school. The one where idiots prevail and the rest of us are forced to suffer under their idiotic reign.

I believe I now understand why some workers go postal.

Sending fast recovery vibes to gato. You're a good cat-mom.

rashbre said...

Hopefully the cone repair is working. I smiled when I read that Max was grooming the cone.

Er. hoping that a way to end the dysfunctionality of your work environment is beginning to emerge?