Sunday, December 06, 2009

Place Holder

Name: Bobkat

Date of reservation: 6th December 2009

Location: In da house.

Comments: This spot is reserved for a post on San Francisco.

Notes: I just cannot seem to find time to sit down and finish my post on San Francisco. I don't think Blogger wants me to post it either as it kept spitting my photos out. I will persevere though and so it is a post 'in progress'.

So, what on earth have I been up to? Well, a number of things. I have finally got around to sorting my house out. My divorce was three years ago and my house has had piles of random "stuff" to sort out, rooms to furnish and generally a whole make-over and declutter was required. It is a big job and I am not finished yet but I am getting there. Every time I sort something out it makes me feel good; like I am getting on with my life and leaving the past where it should be - behind me. I have my parents coming for Christmas so there is a sense of urgency to get certain things done and prepare for Christmas. The tree will go up next week.

I have also been helping my partner with his recently launched book. First I was taking photographs for the illustrations and then I helped with the editing and promotion. The book is called "Zompoc: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse" and is available on Amazon (.com and It's doing quite well and is being well received by zombie fans (there are more of them than you know!).

Lastly, work has been more hectic than ever with the team short by two people. I then found out that my post was to be cut as well and so I then had to find another job. I managed to find one elsewhere in the same organisation doing something completely different but it seems like it's a good move for my career. Fingers crossed. Isn't it funny how things work out? Anyway, I start tomorrow so wish me luck!


R. Sherman said...

Frankly, a twelve gauge pump shotgun is my own personal Zombie killer of choice, should it ever come to that. Double 0 buckshot if you please.

BTW, if I buy the book, can I get it autographed?


bodaat said...

how exciting! good luck with the new position at work!

bunnygirl said...

It sounds like things are working out for you. Good luck with the new job and the de-cluttering. I hope the changes energize you and spark new and exciting ideas the same way a move and a job change did for me!

kenju said...

Gooooooooood luck!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hugs, my friend. Looks like things are on the upswing, so you don't really need the hugs. Which is why I'm giving them now. It's the happy dance hug, I guess.

Although tell Blogger to behave. I want pictures of San Fran! I LOVE that city.

Dianne said...

I love zombies, I'll check out the book

congrats on the new job!! that's fabulous
I hope you're enjoying it

hugs to you and the kitties

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, it sounds like things are looking up, my dear. I understand 'up and down'...It has been that way here, too.
Much Much Good Luck on this new job and on your partners book, too.
Hope the dear Kitties are doing well...Sweetie sends his purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

Anonymous said...
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Bob-kat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R. Sherman said...

Oh my. Popped in to say "hello," and read the above comment. I'm truly sorry someone has seen fit to try to anonymously attack you. I suggest turning on comment moderation for a bit. And know, your friends won't cotton to (sorry, Southern American verb meaning "tolerate and/or believe") such behavior.

Not that you need my help.

Cheers, dear.

Bob-kat said...

To whom ever hasn't the guts to own up to who they really are when they choose to comment on my personal life - whoever you are if you haven't the courage to say it openly then don't say it at all, you coward. You have no right to rake over old coals that have NOTHING to do with you. You clearly are a sad little person with no life if all you have to do is monitor my blog in order to wait for an opportunity to publicly snipe at me and yet hide behind anonymity. Have you the guts to own up to a name?

Bob-kat said...

Dear Anonymous. I have some interesting information. I didn't think you would be brave enough to own up to a name but I have found out that I should refer to you as 'H'. What you are doing constitutes harassment and is a criminal act and you can be traced through your anonymous and spiteful comments. J also has a message for you which is simply "F*ck off H". That about sums it up for me also.