Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because you asked so nicely...

The Boys

Many people who stop by here have asked about Sam and Max and requested photos, so at the risk of boring all my non cat loving blog friends, here are a couple of recent pics. My boys are growing up, and fast!


Sam and Max came to live with me at the start of July and are now definitely part of the family. As time has gone on I have come two know two very different little characters. Sam is an intense and needy little fellow. If I turn around it's most likely to be Sam getting under my feet (though he does not have exclusive rights to this). He also has a temper on him and complains about things that won't co-operate with him and smacks things with his paw (like closing doors). He is also the one that catches onto things more quickly and sits on his hind quarters with his fore paws in the air when he wants something.


Max is the slightly larger of the two and is very laid back. Very little fazes him and he is by far the more independent of the two. Max knows his own mind and is into everything. This can also lead him into naughtiness (but he doesn't hold the monopoly here) but he has a very loud and ready purr and a sweet nature.

Both of them are lovable rogues and are very playful. Their days are carefree and consist of playing, napping and chasing each other around the house at 100mph. They are indoor cast as their nature is too trusting and open and paired with curiosity means that Ragdoll cats often go missing or worse when left to their own devices in the outside world. However, I have bought them harness and lead sets and they love going out around the garden on a sunny day and sit very patiently while I put their harness on. They have also learnt to answer to their names (most of the time), and know words such as 'food', 'no', 'down', 'out' and 'up' though sometimes suffer from selective deafness! They are my pride and joy and drive me mad. Right now they are both sat on the sofa with me.

As for the rest of my life, well, I am acutely aware that I still haven't been visiting my blog friends much. I am busy but that is not the whole story. Work continues to be very stressful and I simply have very little energy for anything. The team culture is very reactive and rather than being lead, I feel like I am being yanked on a leash, not knowing which way to go next until I am jerked in that direction. On top of that, there is also much micro-management from above in the food chain and there is a disconnect between being able to manage your own work and responsibility for it. I do not thrive under such conditions I'm afraid and I am very tense as a result and am suffering from back and neck pain. I am hoping things will settle down in the long term but basically I am keeping my eyes open for another opportunity elsewhere in the organisation. Fingers crossed.


kenju said...

Thanks for pix of the boys. They are indeed growing fast and their personalities are showing. I think both are beautiful cats, but Sam has a place in my heart. There is something about that sweet face.....

bunnygirl said...

Beautiful kitties! New friends are no substitute for old pals, but they're different kind of joy to be appreciated.

Good luck on the job front!

Sleepypete said...

Yeah - we seem to be getting inflicted with a "Measure Everything Measurable" thing from the high and mighty ... whether it benefits project delivery or not.

Good to see you have two such gorgeous kitties there to greet you when you get home to give a happy contrast to the grot at work :-)

PS Don't let on to anyone at work about the blogging, they may get a daft idea of "hey ! they're an experienced blogger, let's get them volunteering to do a sponsored blog" ... [shudder]

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aww, man. It does sound like change is on the horizon for you. I hope it comes soon and is awesome.

As for the boys, I'm drooling. In total love. I want them.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

They are the cutest prettiest kittys, dear B-K! It's great to see them as they grow up....And as you said---They ARE Frowing Fast!
But they sound like fun and a great comfort, too---in spite of the beinmg driven crazy!

Work, on the other hand sounds horrible in every way. I certainly understand your feelings about not thriving under those conditions---I wouldn't either!
I hope and pray that something better comes along, and very soon!

I'm so glad you came by, my dear. I have missed your visits, but certainly understand the lack of same. Take good care of yourself, my dear.

Edelweiss Transplanted said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks! You are lucky to have them -- and they are lucky to have you.

bodaat said...

LOVE the pics!!

Linda said...

My, but your boys are lovely! I'm sure, as boys, they do not wish to be "lovely" but I envy you these two kittens! Thank you for sharing their photos, as well as their purrsonalities!

I keep you in my thoughts that things will be better at work soon.

R. Sherman said...

As it happens, I've been pondering the management problem you describe and been thinking about a post. (Though I didn't wish to offend you when you got around to it.)

The problem as I see it is that people feel the need to justify their own existence. In a sense, they probably realize that they contribute very little to the final product. Nevertheless, they must camouflage their lack of contribution by creating a frenzy of activity; an illusion of productivity, if you will.

In the meantime, those of us on the pointy end of the productivity spear get to spend most of our time filling out meaningless forms, instead of getting the job done efficiently.

(Yes, I've had a frustrating experience recently.)


Cheers, dear.

Dianne said...

it is very difficult to visit blogs when feeling drained, don't worry about it
everyone who knows you knows that you care and that you do better than the best you can

Sam and Max are wonderful
I'm in love
and thank you so much for describing them in so much detail

so many non cat people don't realize that cats have differing personalities

smooches to both of them

Nikki-ann said...

Ohhhh.... they are beyond cute! :D I bet you're so glad you have them to come home to in an evening, even if they do drive you mad at times... Who can stay mad at those cute faces for long?! :D

I'm sorry to hear work hasn't really improved for you and I hope you find something that is more suited to you.

Enjoy the weekend :)

Smiler said...

Boy, you blink once and they're practically all grown up! One of my major complaints about kittens is they grow up too fast. An animal lover, I much enjoyed your description of their personalities and such. For me, everything changed in my life when I got Mimi because now Fritz’s bad character and behaviour seems more comical than a major drawback.

As for work, I'm not at all worried about you. YOU HAVE AN MBA!!! Which means you should get the pick of the crop. Surely you don't have to tolerate being literally jerked around like this for much longer.

Good luck on that front and a few gentle strokes for you rugrats.


rashbre said...

I'm rather surprised at how quickly Sam and Max have grown. I don't think its that long since I was last here!

The work thing sounds tough but I know you've the wherewithal to diagnose and fix. The challenge sometimes is to find a counsel or mentor to help your decisions.

I've something (not similar) going on at the moment and am actively seeking out a couple of my friends who know enough about me professionally as well as personally who can give some sounding board views.

Its often a case of balancing the need to be happy with not doing anything too rash that can lead to further challenges.

Best wishes as you handle the situation. We all know you'll figure out the right actions.

Mar said...

They are simply adorable!! We played with the neighbors' cat this evening as he (the cat, not the neighbor) came over to visit.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you, good luck, BK!!

pink dogwood said...

Even non cat loving blog freinds would not be able to resist the charm of this handsome duo :)

Shephard said...

I love those photos. :)

I've also been struggling to make decent appearances on a regular basis, but it's no reflection on my bloggy friends. Life just takes over sometimes! But I did manage some Paris pictures.

~S :)