Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Having Kittens

Max & Sam, July 1st 2009

My home has been invaded by small furry creatures. Thankfully not the rapidly multiplying Tribbles of Star Trek fame, but rather two Ragdoll kittens which I have named Max and Sam. Max is the seal point (brown nose and brown paw pads) and Sam is the bi-colour (pink nose and paw pads). The brothers are my birthday present to myself and I must say I am thrilled at my choice of gift!

I have missed the presence of a kitty (or two) in my life ever since dear old Bob passed away a couple of months ago. Already, I am starting to see their individual characters. Max is the bolder of the two. He is always first into everything, and he wants to get into everything too.Where Max goes, Sam invariably follows.

But Sam is no sheep. The more timid of the two at first, Sam knows his own mind and once he settled in, seemed to be the more pliable of the two. Already he recognises his name and the word 'no'. Max plays much rougher than Sam and also hogs the toys. If Sam has a toy then Max wants it too. I ma looking forward to getting to know them both better.

Other news is that I had a wonderful weekend away to celebrate my birthday. Chester is a wonderful old town where the buildings are white with black timbers and the shops are double decker with one row built on top of the first complete with covered walkway. The sun shone and I had a lovely time. I was dined at the most wonderful little restaurant, called Upstairs at the Grill run by two people who used to work at the Savoy (in London). I had the best steak I have ever tasted, along with a lovely Stilton Souffle and Creme Brulee, all washed down with some nice Chablis.

I had some lovely gifts too although not all of my family bothered to mark the occasion by even sending a card. Happily many friends did though and quite frankly, that counts a whole lot more in my book. On Thursday I am going out for a late celebration of a few drinks and something to eat with some of those friends which should be a good evening. Meanwhile I have two kitties to keep me entertained : )


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Two are better than one, aren't they?

*happy sigh*

Kathryn said...

Oh, i'm so glad the kittens are home with you! I was looking at some old ones of Jazz as a kitten (& posted a couple) earlier today. Take lots of pics! They grow up so fast.

Tho both of ours still like to play. It is so good to have brothers together. They can keep each other entertained.

They are sooooooo cute. Good pics. :)

Zeus said...

Those two are going to be a handful! I can just tell. They have that look of mischief and mayhem written all over them.

I'm glad you had a terrific birthday weekend as well. The steak, dessert, and wine all sounded wonderful. I've yet to find a place in Houston, Texas that has such charm as the city of Chester as you described it. ;)

bodaat said...

Oh, they are just so precious!! How lucky you are to have such beauties!

kenju said...

There's not much that is more fun to me than playing with kittens. Enjoy!

Mar said...

They are simply adorable!!
I am happy to hear you had a lovely bday celebration. Enjoy your second celebration tonight!

Linda said...

Your new "babies" are absolutely stunning, adorable, and quite a handful, I'm sure! But indeed, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is companionship (although your birthday dinner sounded quite yummy!). Happy belated birthday to you (I'm older than you...sigh).

bunnygirl said...

What gorgeous kittens! I know they'll bring you many years of fun and happiness.

Happy Birthday!

Nikki-ann said...

It looks like the new boys are having some fun there! :) They look cute & playful. A perfect choice :)

Dianne said...

they're fantastic, what amazing faces

and all that fun mischief!!

I have always said that family has nothing to do with shared DNA - I learn that more all the time

Jonas said...

Oh, Jeezapete, those two are too cute to be legal!

By the way, Happy Birthday!

R. Sherman said...

Those look like happy cats. I'm sure they are. My guess is, you're as happy as them, now that they've arrived.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Ohhhh, They Are Darling, my dear B-K...! Just delightful as can be! I love you sharing these very dear pictures with us so that we too can get to know Max and Sam....I know they warm your heart, my dear. Just looking at their wonderful pictures warms mine, too!

And also, Congratulations on having such a terrific weekend. Your special dinner made my mouth water! (lol)
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY....May it go on for weeks and weeks!

Smiler said...

Look at those two lovelies! Aren't you just all lucky to have found each other?! I'm very excited for you. And yes, kittens can be quite a lot of work. I remember Fritz keeping me up nights for months and months on end... let's hope you won't have to deal with any of that. Your birthday dinner sounds delish! I think mine will be extremely low key this year (with me and my kitties maybe?). We'll see. As long as there's cake and at least one candle to blow out I'll be fine.


rashbre said...

I see barrels of fun and mischief ahead with those two. Glad you've been making the birthday stretch out over multiple days!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just had to come back and see your dear little Kitties again....They are truly adorable...!

And from what you said, rather a habdfull,!
But Such Fun!

JAM said...

Good for you on the cats. You're right in what you said earlier, you couldn't replace a cat, but the memories are there and the future is bright with new ones with your new family. We love our dogs and our cat so, so much. They add so much to life.

Shephard said...

Omg, adorable. Just adorable. What lovely little furballs! I love seeing the photos, so keep posting.

David said...

they are SO beautiful