Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Have you heard of Lauren Bernat? No? Well, you might be more acquainted with her derrière thanks to her boyfriend and You Tube.

It seems that Lauren was unknowingly filmed by her nearest and dearest while using her Wii Fit Hula Game while in her undies. As any loved one would, he then posted it on You Tube. To date over 3 million people have viewed the video which shows the hapless girl gyrating her hips. You can read the story *here*.

Apparently she was livid when she found out and who could blame her? That is until she became an overnight celeb and claimed her fifteen minutes of fame. The only conclusion I am left with is that it is not okay to secretly film someone you care about and post it on the Internet UNLESS several million people view it and you make the news. There was I thinking it was not okay, full stop. Clearly I was unaware of the 'media rule' and not 'up' with modern morals.

With reality TV well and truly established, turning out, for the large part, untalented nobodies (with the exception of some shows which are based on talent) it is hardly surprising that such a banal clip would catch the eye of the media and rocket Lauren and her bottom to instant, if fleeting fame. What has surprised me is that she has apparently forgiven her boyfriend because so many people viewed the video. This leads me to wonder what the number of viewers has to be before such an act is forgiven? Is it one million, two million? Quite frankly if anyone did this to me they would be entering a world of pain. In my humble opinion, I think there is something wrong when someone is willing to court fame at just about any cost and if said fame interferes with our moral judgement in society.

There was speculation that this was an advertising stunt but all involved, including Nintendo deny it. Of course they do.

Surely this is an issue about R.E.S.P.E.C.T (as Aretha would say). Not just about the lack of it shown by her boyfriend but also self-respect? Here endeth the rant.


Kristi Mantoni said...

I might just have to kill someone. I definitely would NOT be happy about being semi-famous (unless, of course, someone paid me a million bucks).

R. Sherman said...

This comment could very easily exceed the length of your post. Thus, I will leave it at this:

I have instructed my daughter about the dangers which exist from "friends" posting photos, etc. secretly taken. Pictures speak a 1000 words. Vigilance is the key. Don't place oneself in a position where one might be manipulated. Watch your behavior. Assume you're being recorded.

And I'll add this as an American dad. Woe to him who pulls a stunt like this.

I mean that last bit with the sincerity of a man with Ozark Mountain roots, where insults are neither forgotten nor forgiven easily, bags of cash notwithstanding.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...


I wish those 3 million people would hang around with me, though!

Melody said...

Three words for you.

People are stupid.

(Bloggers excluded from that comment.)

Sim said...

Forgiven him?! Then the cynic in me does think that it's a PR stunt. Either that or because he posted it, he's getting all the payments. Silly silly girl.Is money worth the humiliation or sticking with someone who clearly did not think about your feelings??

Bob-kat said...

Exactly Sim. I can't understand how she could forgive him when he shows no remorse. It's just plain wrong to do this to someone as far as I'm concerned.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Good God! The World is definitely coming to an end! I do not understand anything anymore about anyone!!! LOL!
With a boyfriend like that you don't need an enemy!
Ansy Warhol really did know what he was talking about with that 15 minutes, dealy....lol

kenju said...

Naomi is right about that boyfriend. He obviously has no respect for her, and I can't believe she forgave him for videoing her.

Mar said...

Why would the boyfriend do something like that? why would over 3 million! people care to watch such a video?? why did she forgive her boyfriend??
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world.

Dianne said...

So if no one had watched it or if people had said she had a big fat butt - then she would have been angry!!?

her boyfriend is a creep but she's an idiot.

Gwynne said...

I think forgiveness requires 1,500,000 You Tube Views. Anything less and you have to pick up your belongings at the curb.

Seriously, what is wrong with people? !

david santos said...

Very god, my friend, very good!
Happy day

Shephard said...

Putting someone on the YouTube without permission. That has to be a daily issue somewhere across the globe. You're so right. It's about respect.

Happy Weekend to you and your kitty!
~S :)

rashbre said...

It reminds me of that 'now we are just establishing the price conversation'.