Monday, October 23, 2006

Back with a meme

Hi. I'm kinda back. Thanks to all those who visited and left messages. I promise to pop over and visit you soon. Things have been kinda difficult for me of late so it was nice to know that people (and animals) popped by. I am having trouble with blogger so I see some things don't change (!) so I can't load pics atm, so I have borrowed a meme from CQ for now! Here goes...

Tell me 1 piece of information about yourself that I really should never know
If you should never know then I probably shouldn't tell you!

Tell me 2 colours that you would never ever ever wear
Definitely yellow as it makes me look really icky, and I don't like wearing pink. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I need everything to be pink. Afterall, you don't see men wearing blue 'cause they're boys!

Tell me 3 things that you love to eat
Strawberries, pizza and really good champagne truffles!

Tell me 4 things that you would never ever serve to a guest at your dinner table
Baked beans for sure as even the smell makes me feel ill. They are the food of the devil! In fact anything out of a tin as I like to cook a meal properly and this also includes things like micro chips and anything reformed into a smiley face or other shape and sold frozen. That covers 4 things I reckon' and then some!

Tell me 5 things that you keep forgetting to buy from the supermarket
Fabric conditioner, tissues (unless I have a cold and then I remember!), erm, I'm actually pretty good at remembering the things that I get all the time - it's the things I need occasionally like toothpaste, hand soap and water conditioner tablets. That's five but there are more!

Tell me 6 things about the Autumn that you love
The colours of the leaves on the trees
Walking through the leaves that have fallen
The countdown to Christmas 'cause I love it!
That cosy feeling when you are snuggled up warm inside and it's wet and windy outside
Drinking hot chocolate again
Watching the squirrels gather nuts to store

Tell me 7 things that you value about your family
Hmmm..... Can I just encapsulate this into the fact that I have a family?

Tell me 8 things that you like to watch on TV
I don't watch a lot of TV but I like to watch some shows on DVD and some re-runs:
My Name is Earl
Black Books
3rd Rock from the Sun
Star Trek except Enterprise
Battlestar Gallactica (remake)
A good film!

Tell me 9 things that you loved about school
I like learning but I hated school. Every. Single. Minute.

Tell me 10 of the little things that you love about life
My cat, Bob
A cuddle with my nearest and dearest
Feeling loved
A really great meal
A fantastic view, especially if you've earned it by climbing to see it!
Being appreciated
Dappled light through trees
Discovering something new
Getting unexpected gifts
The look on someones face when you give them an unexpected gift.

So there are my answers and now you know a little bit more about me. Feel free to do this yourself as I'm not going to tag anyone. Hopefully I will have some pics to share with you soon. :0)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This was soooo wonderful! Fizzy invented this and I think it is BRILLIANT..And YOUR answers are, perfect, perfect, PERFECT!

WHY? Because they are so honest, my dear Bob-Kat.

craziequeen said...

hey girly - good answers.

So you hated school too, eh?? Every day we have something else in common.....



Aginoth said...

difficult...i know that one...just blogged myself for the first time in ages...

mar said...

Glad to see you around again ! Loved your answer to nr 7 :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just came back and re-read your Fizzy Meme and I still absolutelyLOVE your answers...I think I may just do this one myself one od these days...

So happy you came to visit and I am so happy you are back...even 'sort of'...And I hope Blogger Straightens UP Very Very Soon!!!

I hated school, too! As you said...'every minute of it'...except when I went to Drama School...THAT I LOVED!