Thursday, April 14, 2011

So long... and thanks for all the fish.

It’s the end of an era, but not unexpected by those brave souls who have stuck with me through my increasingly sporadic posting. I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye though, or without ending things properly. Bobkat’s house was started by me in 2006 as a way of connecting with people. My blog was named after my dear departed but still much loved cat called Bob, whose house I was allowed to share with him as his companion.

It was somewhere where the rest of my life wasn’t, unless I wanted to bring it here and air it. It was a way for me to start showing my early efforts at photography and to share things I’d been doing, my thoughts, frustrations and some bits of my life.
On the whole I have found it to be a hugely enriching experience and deeply rewarding. I have met some awesome people from around the world through my blog and have been privileged enough to visit them at their blogs and share their thoughts and experiences too. It has been an extremely positive place to be mostly, marred only by a malicious stalker who was mislead by my ex (you shouldn't beleive everything you hear) and obviously has issues that have nothing to do with me. I am glad to leave her behind. Annoying buzzing things are never missed.

Lately though I have not had time to dedicate to blogging and this has genuinely saddened me. I have managed to connect with some blog friends on FB and have kept up to date with their lives on there. I have missed visiting you all and reading what is going on with you. I also feel like I have let you down by not being at home here more often and this has made me feel bad.
So what have I been doing instead? Well work has been very busy with long hours. I’ve never shared what I do here but it has to do with current events in the world. That is all I can say. I have also been really pushing ahead with my photography and have learned so much and am building it into something that could take me somewhere new. This is exciting but on top of full time work, exhausting too. Then there is my real home. I am finally trying to sort things out here. I’m getting things together, reclaiming my garden and redoing it, sprucing up my home and throwing out an awful lot of crap. It feels good, but it takes time and I really have to prioritise.

But, this is not the end but a new beginning. I will be starting a photography blog. I will continue to visit all my blog friends so I can share their lives, just a little. I will leave this blog up and visit for awhile to see who has been by and when the new blog is ready I will drop by and invite you over to my new place. Look on it as moving and not leaving, and thank you for being such great blog friends. It’s been an honour. Ther have been few fish. The reference is to a book by my favourite author, Douglas Adams, but the sentiment is true. So, so long… and hold the fish.